Thursday, July 8, 2010

EW Behind the Eclipse wolves

Entertainment Weekly has a new article, 'Eclipse': Behind the new and improved wolves.  This is one of my favorite behind-the-scenes articles so far. I just really like hearing about the fundamental differences in the Eclipse wolves and how their scenes were planned out. Here's an excerpt...
It was important to Eclipse director David Slade that Taylor Lautner actually film that scene with Kristen Stewart so she was able to establish eye contact with him instead of with a golf ball that could’ve been used as an eyeline and painted out later. The wardrobe department dressed Lautner in a neutral grey leotard and hoodie — primarily so his skin tone wouldn’t bounce back onto Stewart and create lighting issues when Wolf Jacob was added, Tippett says. We, however, like to believe someone was already thinking about the DVD extras. That will be great, won’t it?
I'm seriously hoping to see that on the DVD too! Check out the video clip below and you can read the rest of the article here. I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Did the wolves seem really different to you this time around? Did you like them better in New Moon or Eclipse?

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