Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclipse weekend actuals are in!

Gossip Cop and Box Office Mojo are reporting the actuals for 'Eclipse' are slightly up from what was originally being reported.
According to Summit, the movie’s actual four-day North American (Friday through Monday) haul at 4,468 locations was $83.6 million.
The actual 6-day cumulative North American box office stands at $176.4 million. Internationally it has raked in $100,200,000.00. Leading to a worldwide total of over a quarter of a BILLION dollars and it still hasn't opened in Britain and France!! 

The Movie has also broken the following all time movie release records!

Opening Wednesdays # 1
Single Day Gross #2
Single Day Wednesday Gross #1
Widest Releases #1
Widest Independent Releases #1
Widest Opening Releases #1
Widest Opening Independent Releases #1
Widest PG-13 Rated Openings #1
Widest PG-13 Rated Releases #1 
Opening Gross #2

Congratulations to all involved! I plan to see it at least one more time in the movie theaters, do you?


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

I'm so excited that they actually beat the predictions and broke so many records! I've seen it twice now. I saw Twilight and New Moon in theaters 6 times each, so I plan to see Eclipse 4 more times before it finishes its run. I like things all matchy-matchy like that! LOL

TLC said...

I hope to be right there with ya Amber! I am SO excited they broke all those records!