Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreaming of Twilight

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by watching the Inception movie, which, btw, I thought was absolutely great!
First, there was a dream. Any self-respecting Twifan knows the story. On June 2, 2003, Stephenie dreamt of an unusual couple, frolicking in the middle of a beautiful meadow... But what started with a dream, certainly didn't stop there.
For books in which half of the characters don't sleep at all, there's an awful lot of dreaming going on, mostly on Bella's part, and there's certainly more to them than meets the closed eye.
Some of her dreams seem and feel more like premonitions, and I'm quite sure they were actually meant by Stephenie, to saw a seed of certain ideas about things to come.
Let's review:
Twilight: "That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen." From then on, Stephenie gives us more elaborate descriptions. Early in the book 1, Bella actually dreams of Jacob-wolf, waaaaaaaaaay before we are even aware for sure that there are werewolves in the picture.
New Moon actually starts with a dream, and at first we're not even aware of it (how very Inception is that? ;)). The aging anxiety brings Bella an image of herself as her grandma Swan, next to a frozen in his 17yo glory Edward. Oh, the horrors...
Eclipse The infamous "Third Wife" makes an appearance in Bella's dreams after she heard the Quileutes Stories at the Tribal Council. Ever self-doubting and feeling helpless and weak, she realizes the wisdom of this legend about a little "insignificant" human woman who played an important role in the battle between the supernaturals.
Breaking Dawn gives Bella dreams of a beautiful baby boy and subsequently - strength to overcome horrendous health obstacles of her unusual pregnancy.
Now these are only a few of the Twilight Saga dreams. Do you have a favorite you'd like to add to my list? Any struck you as especially meaningful and/or interesting? As a matter of fact, I remember that while I was reading the books for the first time, I was fairly sure that Bella's "talent" as a vampire will have something to do with the dreams she's having. Did you have any theories or dream interpretations of your own? I wanna hear them all! Sweet dreams :)


Annie Cristina said...

Amazing post! I've been obsessed with dreams ever since I saw "Inception" -- I'm actually working on a dreams post myself. :)

RaShell said...

Yes, Annie, Inception is a very powerful, smart movie that makes a lasting impression. Made me think of the TwiDreams, for sure :)