Friday, June 25, 2010

Taylor talks to his abs?!

Taylor "Talks To His Abs" Says Eclipse Wolfpack Co-Star

The werewolves in Eclipse are known for their abs of steel, and has learned the secret of how hunky Taylor Lautner gets ripped and ready for his sexy scenes.

"He talks to his abs!" Alex Meraz revealed exclusively to at the Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday night. "Kind of the way you talk to tomatoes if you want them to grow? So he sits there, he talks to them, and they grow. He's got like a 10 pack now."

Taylor laughed when he heard what Alex said about his impressive abs. "That's funny," the 18 year-old hunk exclusively told It isn't easy to keep up his mighty muscles. In fact, "It's a lot of work," Taylor admitted.

The werewolves all have one thing in common in Eclipse - they don't wear a lot of shirts! "Maybe there was probably like one scene where I had to wear a shirt," Tyson Houseman told on the 'black carpet' at the star-studded premiere.

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