Monday, June 28, 2010

Stephenie is 'Very happy with 'Eclipse'"

Stephenie Meyer has told MTV that she is very happy with 'Eclipse';

'It's really good. It's so much fun to watch. One of the ways I judge a good movie is I forget to be critical because I'm just having fun - and with this one, I definitely was having a good time watching it.'
Meyer also spoke about the director's decision to re-shoot the famous tent scene.
She said: 'It was so simple - it was [just] a blocking issue. When Bella and Jacob crawl into the sleeping bag together, he didn't put his arms around her, he just kind of backed away from her - I wasn't [on set] that day to say: 'Hold it!' [So] we went back and put that in. I'm very happy with that.'

Are you excited to see 'Eclipse'? Are you going to a midnight showing? Are you seeing the movie in IMAX? We want to hear all about your 'Eclipse' experience!


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