Friday, June 18, 2010

New Melissa Rosenberg Interview

Risky Business from the Hollywood Reporter has a great new interview with Melissa Rosenberg.  In the interview she discusses 'Breaking Dawn' and the pleasure of writing for Bella.

"You probably knew about this all along, but Summit finally publicly announced that “Dawn” would be two movies. Had you written it as one movie already? Is this a huge pain in the ass? Or had you been working on it as two from the beginning?
Rosenberg: When we started, everyone was a little bit unsure. So it kind of came down to me looking at the book and going, Are there two movies in this? Which is a hell of a lot of pressure! Sure, we all wanted it to be two movies, but we had to look at it and see, Is there enough material for two movies? We all agreed there was probably too much for one movie, although I guess it could have been an incredibly long movie. So when I started getting into it I started to see, Yeah, we’ve got two movies here. Everybody agreed and I started approaching it as two movies. And then it came down to, Are the actors available for two movies? So there were a lot of things that went into this decision.
Maybe you haven’t gotten to this point in structuring it yet, but can you allude to what the cliffhanger of the fourth movie versus the fifth would be?
Rosenberg: We’re kind of still deciding that. I’m doing first drafts now. But I think it comes down to Bella as human and Bella as vampire. (”Breaking Dawn” director) Bill Condon may give you a different answer, but I think it’s a natural break. There’s her as a human with the baby and everything and then there’s her as a parent and a vampire"

Read the full article HERE. It is a very good read but just a heads up there is some strong language for those that may be sensitive to that.


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