Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Gil Birmingham interview

The Twilight Examiner has a great interview with Gil Birmingham from last nights 'Love Ranch' premiere (which Kristen also attended).  As well as discussing 'Eclipse' he also discussed his other projects and working with Rob, Kristen and Taylor.

"K: Can you talk at all about your role in Eclipse or the film in general? How did this experience differ from the others, and how would you characterize the different directors and what they brought to each film?

G: When filming Eclipse, it was still cold, and always rainy. We filmed Eclipse back to back with New Moon so there wasn’t too much time separation. It was just like coming home. The different directors have different set environments- during Eclipse we had to put big shields up and make more of an encampment to protect against long shots and paparazzi.

The progression of the story becomes darker; all these werewolves are running around without their shirts. I felt bad for them. In the film, while I can't transform, I can forsee what's going to happen.
David Slade works at a faster pace. He’s definitely hilarious in a very dry English sort of way, which I resonate with. He was very good at communicating what he wanted to get out of the scenes.
It's still a great ride to be on, but you feel a little of the pressure now. Filming still has the same feel-- jumping back into the skin of the characters. It really creates bonds that make you feel like you're part of a family. We worked cold, long hours. The casting was so perfect; the chemistry from day one with the new wolves. I called them the puppy pack because they were all hyped up and energized. They did some really great work."

Check out the full interview HERE.


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