Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let's Play a TwiGame

Ok, ladies and gents. I'm not feeling particularly creative or chatty tonight, so why don't we do something completely different?! While the TwiUniverse is buzzing with news about Breaking Dawn, everybody is counting days to Eclipse and New Moon is becoming Old News by the minute... I suggest we go back to the beginning, the good old Twilight. As some of you might know, I made party kits for 3 of the books and today I give you a game from my very first twi-inspired party kit. Here's how you play. I will give you phrases (NOT FROM THE BOOK) and you have to guess which character I had in mind while writing it. I will hide the answers after the jump, so you can check yourself. If you guessed all the characters correctly - you are a true TwiHard and should be proud of yourselves ;) Ready? Set... GO!

1. You bet!

2. Get Dazzled.

3. Compassion Without Borders.

4. Redheaded Stepmother.

5. Gone Fishing.

6. Officer and Gentleman.

7. Legally Blond.

8. reVAMPed Jock.

9. Hard to Train Puppy.

10. Technology Repulsed.

11. Built-In Tracking Device.

12. Only human.

1. Answer: Alice
2. Answer: Edward
3. Answer: Carlisle
4. Answer: Victoria
5. Answer: Charlie
6. Answer: Jasper
7. Answer: Rosalie
8. Answer: Emmett
9. Answer: Jacob
10. Answer: Renee
11. Answer: James
12. Answer: Bella

If you liked this game, please check out all of my party kits, available in my Etsy shop, TwiMom.

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