Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the Eye of the Beholder

I would imagine, most (or at least a lot) of the fans read the books before first of the Twilight movies was out. We closed our eyes and imagined the gorgeous boy with pale features, reddish hair and golden eyes. Bella wasn't as meticulously described in the book, mostly because she's the narrator of the book and being an insecure teenager, she's not her own biggest fan of herself (at least when the looks are concerned). So, we shrugged and imagined... ourselves as her, right? Other members of Cullen clan were also described in great detail and each one of us had an imaginary picture of them in our heads, I am sure.
And then came the movie. As the casting details started trickling down the fandom was having fits and screaming matches all over the web, discussing actors being considered for the roles. As the emotions calmed down and we all got used to the idea of the chosen actors "being" the characters it started kinda make sense... Of course Bella is beautiful and fidgety KStew. Who else could brood and scowl as handsomely as RPattz? Taylor literally built himself to fit into the supersized Jacob's shoes. Glamorous Ashley became a spunky pixie Alice, Kellan turned into a good-natured bear-of-a-brother, and a small army of Jackson's (aka JayBone) fans started flooding 100 Monkey's concerts. I'm still griping with the makeup and costume people on the sets of all TwiMovies for making Alice-the-fashionista look so frumpy and the-most-beautiful-girl-in-the-world Rosalie/Nikki turn into a live-sized Barbie's stepsister. But... we all have grown to love and respect the chosen actors, we follow their successes and forgive their debacles.
Moreover, I can only speak for myself, but even the various versions of Twilight characters (human and otherwise) that are so plentiful in the fanfiction world, somehow turn out as slightly made over twi-actors. Robert Pattinson in his James Dean leather getup and a cigarette hanging from his perfect lips is an instant "bad boy", be it an Inkward, Mafiaward or Doucheward. "How To Be" long haired Robert morphs into a Geekward, Shyward and possibly Gayward. There are certainly younger, slightly older (but never too much), scruffier, or glammed-up versions, but they all look at least somewhat like the "original" in our imaginations. Bella goes from Office B*tch to Shy Personal Assistant, heck, she can fly around the world if she wants to, but Kristen's pretty features and slightly open mouth are always present in her imaginary appearance ;)
Now, people played this game a million times over before Twilight, the movie came out, but I would be curious to find out if any of you still feel like the actors were miscast, and there's somebody else out there who would embody our beloved characters better. Or maybe real people like this don't exist and the "real" Edward and Bella still reside firmly and exclusively in your imagination. Do share! Pictures (or links to thereof) are greatly appreciated. *fingers tapping impatiently on the refresh button, waiting for your replies/comments*
*disclaimer* you can see the source of the pictures by clicking on them.


Cat said...

Honestly, I always had a fuzzy picture of Edward. Bella looked like Kstew to me but had a higher pitched voice. The others fit perfectly but I saw Scarlett Johanssen as Rosalie more than Niki Reed (although now I love her!)

AngiDe said...

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