Monday, June 21, 2010

IESB Interviews Wyck Godfrey

Wyck Godfrey the producer of all three 'Twilight' movies so far has done a great interview with on 'Eclipse' and all things 'Twilight'. He talks about the logistical challenges of 'Breaking Dawn' and how 'Eclipse' is a more dangerous movie than 'New Moon';

"IESB: What was it about David Slade that made him the right director for Eclipse?

Wyck: We felt that he was a real antidote to the classicism of Chris Weitz’s filmmaking. I think this is a more dangerous film. It’s about revenge and being torn between two people, and we wanted a real raw intensity to the style. Hard Candy was the film that I had loved since I first saw it, and I just was amazed by how he kept a movie about two people in a house, so bristling with energy and anxiety. The performance that Ellen Page gave in that movie made me feel like this guy knew how to direct young actors. And, with the way he shoots with a very tight lens and shallow focus, everything feels very edgy. You always run the risk of a series like this growing stale for people, and one of the ways to avoid that is to bring a different filmmaking style to each film, and David felt like a perfect fit.

IESB: With Bill Condon being the first director to take on two of the movies, for Breaking Dawn, what was it about him that made you decide he was the right person?

Wyck: I think the maturity of the story in Breaking Dawn. Both Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart] are going to have to go into stories that, in a sense, are older than they are, with marriage, childbirth, parenthood and how you become equals in a marriage, and I think Bill is a very sophisticated filmmaker. He has won Academy Awards for actors in his movies, and most of his movies have somebody nominated. From a performance standpoint, we really wanted a filmmaker that’s going to dig deep into the characters of Bella, Edward and Jacob and really illicit strong, amazing performances.

IESB: Since there are so many things going on in the next story, do you see anything in particular as being the biggest challenge that you’re going to have to deal with?

Wyck: I think the biggest challenge is going to be just the sheer size with the amount of vampires on a battlefield in the final conflict of Breaking Dawn, which is supposed to take place in a snow covered field. Different vampires have different powers, and it’s just going to, logistically, be a really difficult film."

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