Saturday, June 5, 2010

Handmade Eclipse

Well, now that Eclipse is looming on the horizon, we all inadvertently scour the internet more than usual in search of something new and exciting related to the upcoming movie... So, why not look in my beloved handmade community of Etsy?
Now, let me explain, there's plenty of handmade stuff "on the theme" out there that is not worthy of your attention. Some are just trying to jump on the bandwagon of pop phenomenon without having even slightest idea about the source (all this fang-y fluff tagged "Twilight" have been annoying me for a while now). Some don't see anything wrong with simply reproducing photos from the internet slapped onto various "products" and call it all "original and handmade". A few of those even try to slap "copyright" notice on their listings for a good measure. BUT, there's enough of really cool, truly original and special products to justify typing the words "Twilight" and "Eclipse" into a search box on Etsy :) Hey, they even mention it in their Merchandising Desk popular product predictions for June and July So, without further ado, I give you my picks for handmade Eclipse-inspired Etsy goodies (click on the picture you like to visit the Etsy shop that sells it.

Also, please check out online shops of my non-Etsy TwiFan friends:

As you probably guessed I, myself am an active Etsy seller, please visit my shop, TwiMom.


Cat said...

awesome! You have been one of my shops for awhile :) I have a Jasper necklace (along with other twi stuff) up on my etsy site (

RaShell said...

Great shop, Cat, just added it to my favorites :)

la lune designs said...

Thanks for including my Bella bag in your collection of Twi-items! You've been a favorite Etsy seller of mine for a bit.... I LOVE your alphabet poster!

RaShell said...

@la luna designs - Ditto! I've always admired your wonderful Twi-photos and what you make out of them! Maybe we could trade sometime ;)