Monday, June 28, 2010

Eclipse Discussion: Epilogue

Well, here we are, less than TWO days before the release of Eclipse!! GAH! I'm so excited, I don't know about all of you. Our final chapter discussion is written by Ginger Snaps, with the unique perspective of a Team Edward to Team Jacob convert. (I don't understand it myself, but she does a GREAT job with her article. Definitely a new way to look at the events in the epilogue of Eclipse!)

I must begin with the disclaimer that the first several times I read these
books, I hated Jacob. I was horrified in New Moon that Jacob and Bella were
getting closer, horrified that Jacob and Bella kissed in Eclipse, and ready
to toss Breaking Dawn during the Jacob POV parts.  I was not a fan of
Jacob.  Fast forward a few movies, and Mr. Taylor Lautner has single
handedly brought me over to Team Jacob.

Being on Team Jacob now as I re-read the Epilogue completely changed my
perspective before.  Jacob has just learned Bella is getting married to
Edward and will eventually become a vampire. The love of his life is not
only marrying another, but becoming a "monster" or possibly dying.

Jacob is devastated.  The only way to ease his pain is by running away.  But
then Leah finds him, blaming him for being the cause of the Bella dreams in
her head, through their wolf pack shared thoughts. Leah is someone who never
really found peace and just existed to make other people's lives miserable.
Stephenie Meyer could've totally had Leah die fighting in Breaking Dawn,
though that's another discussion for another day.

When Jacob returns to his house, Billy informs him that he got a letter.  A
wedding invitation.  Not sent by Bella, but by Edward.  Ok, I'm sure Edward
could argue that he was trying to do the fair thing, but really?  If this
isn't a *in your face* moment, I don't know what is.  Edward and Jacob both
know the other is fighting for Bella's love and now that she's chosen,
Edward's wedding invitation seems like a slap in the face.  My high
school/college sweetheart was my "Jacob".  While we were on a break, Mr. G
swooped in, swept me off my feet and married me.  Neither of us would've
have dared send "my Jacob" a wedding invitation.  It would've been cruel.
And this whole, "if it was me, I would've wanted to have that choice" is
crap.  There's no way you can truly be happy for the one that got away, on
their wedding day, unless lots of time had passed.  Otherwise it's just
going to be unnecessary torture.

The end of the Epilogue has Jacob running away in wolf form to spend some
time alone.  I was really touched by the fact that Sam stepped in,
instructing Embry and Quil to let him go and change back to human form, so
he could truly be alone.  Which I feel was exactly what he needed.

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