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Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 24. Snap Decision

For chapter 24 we have Shaun, another wonderful man of the Twilight world, to write the discussion for us. His lovely wife Loren wrote the discussion for chapter 20. You may remember Shaun from the Real Men Read Twilight series I wrote for The Collective Review. (Formerly known as t5m) You can read part 1 and part 2 of their great interview after you read this discussion!

The beginning of this chapter Bella is feeling terrible for having kissed Jacob.  Edward is with her now as Jacob is headed to the clearing to fight the newborns.  In typical Edward fashion he is not mad at Bella that she kissed Jacob or that she loves him. He knows that she loves him more and that they are the ones meant to be together. He calms her by telling her she is only human and that he understands her feelings for Jacob and Jacob’s feelings for her. Jacob was there for Bella when Edward left so it is only natural that she would develop these feelings for the person who helped her get through those rough times.  Edward in his calming demeanor decided that he will take the noble road and not fight dirty for Bella, or even fight at all really. He leaves it all in her hands and it drives her crazy as she begs him to fight for her. 

The conversation comes to a close as the fighting is about to happen.  Edward can see the mental images that the pack is sending to each other and is giving Bella updates on to what is going on. Suddenly everything changes. Edward sends Seth away and grabs Bella and takes her to a cliff face so that he only has to worry about attacks coming from the front. Smart, stategic move on Edward’s part. The reason for the move was that Victoria and her newborn Riley had caught Edward’s scent and decided that Bella would be with him. So they went through the woods tracking Edward and Bella’s location. Edward prepares to fight as Victoria and Riley make their way closer. 

Victoria tells Riley to go ahead and attack and Edward starts reading his thoughts trying to explain that he doesn’t have to die and that there is another way. He continues to try and get through to Riley, explaining that he is only a tool for Victoria and that she doesn’t love him. Riley, confused, thinks for a moment and then leaps into attack only to be met by Seth. Seth and Riley fight as Edward and Victoria start their “dance” preparing for a fight.  Edward matches each of Victoria’s moves a split second faster being able to read her mind and know where she is going. They start to fight and turn into a blur. They are moving so fast that Bella can’t even make out who is who in the blur. 

Seth is holding his own taking bites out of Riley. Riley is getting in a few shots here and there too.  Riley gets a hold of Seth and throws him into the cliff face. Seth hits the ground hard and lets out a whimper. A sharp piece of the cliff falls by Bella and she takes hold of it. She remembers the legend of the Third Wife and decides that she will help any way she can, and cuts her arm. Riley is getting closer to Seth getting ready for the kill shot. Suddenly Victoria goes flying and Edward dashes over ripping off one of Rileys arms.  Seth jumps up and starts after Riley. Seth finishes Riley off and then the terror comes over Victoria as she realizes that she is alone. She turns to run but Edward is too fast. He catches up to her and the last thing you see is Victoria’s flaming red head bouncing along the ground. 

My personal thoughts on this chapter are a little conflicting. On the one hand I understand Bella’s want to bring something to the fight more or less by cutting herself.  By doing this she thought that she might distract the newborn Riley and Victoria for a second so that Seth and Edward could get the upper hand.  I personally know the feeling of not being able to get into the fight and help some comrades out and wanting to help anyway possible.  

On the other hand Bella says herself that she can’t see what is going on with Edward and Victoria. If you can’t tell what is going on with the fight, why are you going to hurt yourself for no reason? Not to mention that if it did not work and distract Riley and Victoria, now you have only added another factor to the equation that Edward has to deal with.  Bella’s once again reckless behavior throws yet another issue at Edward to deal with, not to mention that he has a more pressing issue at hand with Victoria. Also, she previously made the bonehead move of kissing Jacob.  I swear no wonder teenage girls are all screwed up in the head.  This is one of the main problems I have with Bella’s character throughout the books. She makes terrible decisions left and right and yet somehow always ends up with the fairytale ending.  I mean seriously, careless after careless decision and someone is always there to bail her out.  As big as these books are, I think that the people that read this book, particularly females, are going to get the idea that they could behave this way and expect someone to put up with their stuff and give them their fairytale ending. 

Bottom line ladies, don’t try to help your man in a fight. If you want to help call the police, but don’t go knife yourself to distract someone.  Let them do what they do.

So what do you think about Shaun's take on this chapter? Let us know in the comments!

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