Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dingo pups named Jacob and Bella!

Dingo pups that Kristen and Taylor met during their trip to Australia have been named Jacob and Bella. 

"the Twilight stars who fell in love with the four-week-old dingo pups during a secret visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park on May 29...The pair, who play Bella Swan and Jacob Black in the series, were ushered to the park's educational enclosure for a private display of snakes, crocodiles, koalas and baby dingoes.
The four dingo pups were such a big hit with the stars that two have since been named after the movie characters.
``They absolutely loved them and I think Kristen wanted to take one home with her,'' Mrs Ames-McDermid said."

So cute!

Via @KstewRobFans

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