Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David Slade explains how Bree Tanner fits into 'Eclipse'

David Slade explained to MTV how the 'Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' influenced 'Eclipse' and how he filmed it;

'He received a copy of "Short Second Life" about halfway through pre-production on "Eclipse," and said that what it affected more than anything was the location and casting choices for the film.

"One of the things in the 'Bree Tanner' story is that one of the hangouts is very close to water and so we specifically went after locations that were near water," he said as an example, with tied in with our earlier article.
Beyond that, he said that he used Riley and Victoria's choice of newborn vampires to inform their casting decisions. "They take the dregs of society," he said as a way of explanation. "They take, not the dregs, but the people that won't be missed. They take the prostitutes, they take drug addicts, they take people on the street, so that we cast people to look like that. It was fun."'

Read the rest of the article HERE and watch the video of the interview below.


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