Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 things to do before watching 'Eclipse'

Fandango has posted the twenty things you must do before watching 'Eclipse';

1.Read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella"
The fifth installment of the Twilight book series brings plenty of surprises. Writer Stephanie Myers says reading "Bree Tanner" before seeing Eclipse will provide fans with additional background information to enjoy the film even more. A free version of the novella is available until July 5.
2. Attend the Official Twilight Convention
Make sure to make your way to an official Twilight Convention in your city!
3. Watch Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson fans can catch the cutie chatting about his Twilight experience on "The Today Show" (6/14), "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (6/15), and on "Jimmy Kimmel" (6/23) with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

4. Join the Fan Site
Looking for others to share your enthusiasm for the books and the movies? Fandango's Twilight Saga Fan Site would be the perfect place to find more Team Edward/Jacob/Switzerland fans! Volturi aficionados included! Browse the blogs for juicy gossip and breaking news, upload your own soundtrack to Eclipse, speak your mind on the discussion forums, and more.
5. Read Stephenie Meyer's Web Site
Meyer's brother Seth keeps the site up-to-date with news and upcoming events. Meyer doesn't post a lot herself, but when she does, it's always a big deal. In her post dated May 17, she announced four fan sites who were invited to a mini-junket on June 18. She'll be answering Eclipse-specific questions submitted by those sites, so you might want to check them out and see if it's not too late to submit a question or two.
6. Check the Magazine Racks
Browsing through the magazine aisle at the groceries? In the final weeks before Eclipse's release and in the month to follow, you should see more coverage on the cast. Kristen Stewart is featured on the cover of Elle’s UK magazine and makes the pages of Vogue’s June issue. InStyle's June issue, for one, has a feature and photos on 12 sexy celebs, including Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz. Sounds about right—they're Cullens, after all.
7. Watch Taylor Lautner
The true alpha wolf makes his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (6/23) "Live with Regis and Kelly" (6/28) and "David Letterman" (7/1).
8. Listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack
The soundtrack is already available online for purchasing, packed with 15 tracks of alternative, indie and even R&B songs. Muse, Meyer's favorite band, is listed with the first single titled "Neutron Star Collision." Music has always been an integral part of the movies and books. As with all her Twilight novels, Meyer has created her own Eclipse playlist (with lots of Muse songs), as well as a "Bree Tanner" playlist.
9. Watch Kristen Stewart
Anxious to watch Bella in action? Then don’t miss out on K-Stew’s TV appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel" (6/23) and "Regis & Kelly" (6/29).
10. Invest in Some Bling
This might not be for everyone, but if there's a special Twilight fan in your life, you may want to consider getting him or her something special. Meyer gave special authorization to Infinite Jewelry Co. to produce Bella's Engagement Ring and Bella's Bracelet. Hint, hint! But if you've got the funds, there's no harm in splurging for yourself—it's actually a subtle way to show your love for Twilight, and sure to earn you some compliments.
11. Watch Funny Twilight Spoof Videos
If you’re tired of watching the last two installments of Twilight then give those DVD’s a break. Grab some friends and have a few laughs watching Twilight spoof videos.
12.Read "Eclipse"
If you haven't yet, there's still time! Stephenie Meyer crams her third Twilight novel with all the familiar elements – blood lust, hot vampires, hot wolves, the evil Volturi, and heats things up a notch by throwing in Victoria's whole army of vampires! As you can imagine, condensing 629 pages into a two-hour screenplay is a daunting task for screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. To get all the details, reading Meyer's "Eclipse" is a must! And if you're a fast reader, plowing through "Twilight" and "New Moon" (for the hundredth time if you're a Twi-hard), will be a cinch.13. Check out the Twilight Lexicon
Anyone who swears they're a true fan frequents the Twilight Lexicon – which has Meyer's stamp of approval. They're pretty good at pooling all the Twilight news and videos on their blog, plus, they're easy to follow on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the full list of Twilight Series Fansites listed on Meyer's web site.
14. Throw an Eclipse Pre-viewing Party
Be as creative as you want in picking a theme. You can give out goodies like blood-red fruit punch, giant wolf pack muffins or keep it "vegetarian." Meet up with friends a few hours before your showtime, stock up on treats and head to the theaters for the main event.
15. Show Team Spirit
Who says you have to pick either fangs or fur? Why not side for your favorite human? Or cross over to the dark side and cheer on the Volturi? Whichever side you're on, have a little fun and gather your friends to decorate shirts or create posters. All it takes are a few blank T-shirts or poster boards, markers, paint, maybe glitter (if you're running with vampires) and as much creativity as you can muster.
16.Prepare for Long Lines and Crowds
It's a known fact that any Twilight event is usually brimming with fans willing to wait in line a few hours – or days – just to show their undying devotion to all things Twilight. Wear comfortable shoes, maybe bring a chair, and enough food for you to share with your Eclipse viewing entourage. If you plan to camp out in line anywhere, you should check to make sure it's OK first. For the IMAX viewings, try to arrive early, and whether you're watching in regular 35 MM or in IMAX, you can skip the box office by buying your tix right here on Fandango.17. Have an "Eclipse" Reading
Gather your fellow Twilight fans and ask them to read their favorite excepts from the book. Flaunt your drama skills by doing the voices or going all out with theatrics! You can all reminisce over your favorite parts and share what scenes you're looking forward to most. Make sure to use lots of pizzazz when you read the part where Jacob, Bella and Edward camp out. Taylor Lautner revealed at 2009's Comic-Con that's the scene he's looking forward to most!
18. Re-watch Twilight and New Moon
If you start Thursday morning on June 29, you can watch Twilight and New Moon before viewing Eclipse at its midnight opening! But if that's really just too much golden and red eyes in one day, feel free to make a viewing event out of each of the films.
19. If you're in Los Angeles, or plan on flying in (hey, fans flew to Italy to watch the filming of New Moon, so never underestimate the loyal), fans are allowed to begin camping out near the Nokia Theater on June 21. The red carpet premiere of Eclipse is June 24 – that's a whopping three and a half days later, so if you do plan on camping out, come prepared! Have sensitive ears? Bring ear plugs, because there'll be A LOT of high-pitched screaming! (See the "Prepare for Long Lines and Crowds" entry.) And don't forget the camera and memorabilia for the stars to autograph, in case you get lucky enough to see them in the midst of all the mayhem.
20. Watch Nikki Reed
Catch Nikki Reed, who plays the smoldering Rosalie Cullen, on "Regis and Kelly" on July 7.

How many of these will you be doing before 'Eclipse'?
*PS. I removed all references to 'Twi Hards' from this, i really dislike that description :)


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