Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Universe of Fandom

Oh, this fandom is huge! It's big in numbers, it has unrivaled enthusiasm and loyalty, it's vocal and not shy, it varies in age, social status and even overall literary tastes. I honestly never encountered a virtual group of people so implicitly dedicated to one thing (where no politics, religion or sports are concerned, that is).
Everybody in the show-business who gets involved in the Twilight universe should realize early on, that not only it's an easy way to fame and fortune, but also a humongous pressure and scrutiny from some very involved fans :) What I'm trying to say here, is that the clout of the TwiFandom can be much wider than you think!

Naturally, as any book affectionados, twifans congregate around the libraries, that's a given. Then there's a whole movie business. Anything and everything touched (however lightly) by Twilight Saga becomes an object of mass-obsession. Rabid fans (such as myself) follow closely careers of musicians that were featured on soundtracks, directors, actors (past, present and potential future), everybody gets their share of admiration and affection. As long as they show no disrespect to the beloved novel, they can do no wrong. Period. True fans are extremely protective of their idols. Twifans segregate on the internet, around the bookclub communities (for example, on Goodread's YA section), blogs (such as this one), on forums and fanfiction sites (as we discussed last week).
The Twilight-community has THE POWER to bring someone involved with any of Twi-related projects 1000s of followers on Twitter, or collect 1000s of dollars for a charity. There are quite a few charities closely involved with Twilight fandom. Alex's Lemonade Stand fighting childhood cancer, is one of the big ones. Another one, TwiHards for Charity was presented earlier this year by Peter Facinelli. Rachelle Lefevre and Kellan Lutz are very active in the animal charities (Best Friends and PETA, respectively) and thanks to them, I'm sure, thousands of cats and dogs found a loving and passionate owner.
Are you involved in some kind of twi-related community? Do you support/participate in fan-generated charity events? Do you belong in any groups/forums? Do tell so we can check them out.

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