Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tinsel talks David Slade and her favorite 'Eclipse' scenes!

Tinsel talked to MTV about working with David Slade and her favorite 'Eclipse' scene;

"[David Slade is] great. He's a really different director from Chris Weitz," Korey told MTV News, comparing Slade to the man who led "New Moon." "Chris Weitz is an actor's director, where you focus on all the emotion, whereas David Slade is more technical, so there's a distance because he's always thinking about the fuller picture with all the fight scenes."
Just back from the Cannes Film Festival, where she promoted her independent feature "Stained," Korey also talked about the scene she's most excited to see onscreen. While she hasn't seen the finished third installment, the "wolf pack" creation story, she said, is a "beautiful moment" of storytelling.

Read the rest of the article here and watch the video below


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