Sunday, May 2, 2010

'Remember Me', 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'The Runaways' Box Office

'Remember Me' and 'The Runaways' are still performing well at the Box Office and Kellan's new movie 'Nightmare on 'Elm Street' opened strong this weekend too.

Box Office Mojo is reporting that 'Remember Me' has made $19,019,000 domestically and $27,785,083 in overseas territories for a total of $46,804,083.  The movie is to be released on DVD here in the US in June so we should see it starting to move out of most theaters here now.

Kellan's new movie 'Nightmare on Elm Street' a new installment in the Nightmare franchise, is estimated to have pulled in $32,205,000 domestically this weekend. This is despite some pretty poor reviews. The movie is still to open Internationally.

'The Runaways' has made $3,413,200 in limited domestic release and it has yet to be released in overseas territories.  The movie will be released in most other regions in the summer. Congratulations to Kristen, Dakota and the rest of 'The Runaways' crew.

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