Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nikki Reed in 'Chain Letter'

The trailer for the new Nikki Reed movie 'Chain Letter' has just been released. The movie synopsis and trailer are below so check it out! The movie is in limited release come May 21st.

"Six friends receive a mysterious chain letter via text messaging and in their email accounts from a maniac who’s hunting down teenagers who fail to forward his online chain letter. Who knew they should take the threats in the chain letter seriously? Or that chain letters using the teens’ favorite technologies to track them can kill? This maniacal game pits friend against friend as they race to beat rules that seem impossible to escape. Break the chain, lose a life. Do you pass it on? Does friendship mean anything?"

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chris said...

This looks like a cool indie film with great production value. I just watched an interview with the director and his vision is awesome. He's starting from the ground up and doing what he wants. Nikki Reed is a total babe too.