Monday, May 17, 2010

New Twifecta interview with USA Today

Rob, Kristen and Taylor sat down for a very cute interview with USA Today after the Oprah show.  The interview is a great read and all three come across as relaxed and funny.  The writer describes Rob as "Dashingly disheveled..Pattinson has an infectious, high-pitched laugh that would never do for his seductive vampire lover-boy, Edward Cullen."  Taylor is described as "Buff..polished...pocket-size" and Kristen is stated to be  "a real chatterbox" surprising considering much is made by the press of her nervousness and shyness.

The three talked about 'Eclipse' and Taylor revealed that he dressed up in a CGI suit to help Kristen film a scene with Jacob the wolf:
"[Taylor] waffles over the wisdom of sharing an anecdote about the scene in which the vicious horse-sized beast sweetly nuzzles Bella and she scratches his ear. After a little coaxing, he relents.
"That day I came on set and put on this tight gray spandex suit ..."
"There is dialogue and I talk to him," Stewart explains. "I said, 'How am I going to do this without Taylor?' " So instead of the actress pretending that a massive computer-animated wolf was nearby, Lautner volunteered to be its stand-in.  "Basically, it looked like a Teletubby," he continues about his outfit. "I had this circle on the face but everything else was covered. It was weird. But, yeah, I stood there and would literally bend over ..."
"I would actually pet his head," Stewart adds.

You can read the rest of the article here - do it is a great read! 

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