Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday Rob! (Which came first?)

Today is Robert Pattinson's 24th birthday... We here at EoA want to wish him an incredibly happy birthday and many, many years of success. We are in awe of your many varied talents and wish you every happiness that life has to offer. May you find the joy in your work that it gives to us, and enjoy the company and love of family and friends. We love you, respect you and wish you all the best! - The EoA girls
With the fans failing to vote Remember Me into the nominations for the MTV Movie Awards, it seems that Rob is still very much thought of as "just" Edward, but we hope that will change. The sooner, the better. Having said that, the role of Edward is what has made Rob a household name, so we have a question for you. Which came first? Did Rob bring you to Twilight or did Twilight bring you to Rob? If you found Rob first, tell us how. Let's celebrate the day he came into the world by talking about how he came into our lives! Can't wait for your responses!

Amber - I have to say that for me, Twilight came first. I'd never heard the name Robert Pattinson until the day he was announced as cast for the role of Edward on Stephenie Meyer's website. After a quick search through his photos on imdb, I was convinced. (Go easy on me peeps, I didn't read Harry Potter until last year. But I quickly fell in love with Cedric in the books, and then, of course, the movie.) I have since become very familiar with and hooked on Rob's work outside of Twilight. While I love the saga dearly, I cannot wait to see him extend himself even more as he branches out into other projects.

Eimear - I think for me Rob came first. I was aware of him as I am from the UK and he was one of those actor's whose name was always out there from Harry Potter. I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan as well and read all the books as they were released. With Twilight I was a little later to the game, i heard about the movie and that spurred me to read the book which then pushed me to actually see the movie. I loved 'Remember Me' but I am actually really excited to see 'Bel Ami' and 'Water for Elephants' as i think they will really showcase Rob's talent. Happy Birthday Rob - hope you have a great day!

RaShell - Oh, Edward, Edward... kidding. But yeah, for me it was Twilight first, Robert second. He was a nice Cedric and everything, but I certainly was not as smitten with the beautiful boy back in his HP days :) Even though he's super hot and thanks to him I am now aware of the expression "jaw porn", I feel very protective of him, kinda motherly (and I'm not even THAT much older). He is multitalented, funny and tolerates the neverending hoopla around him with such self-depreciating grace, that it nearly breaks my heart. I wish him many happy and exciting things in life, big true love and peace and quiet when he needs it!

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illyria said...

Actually, I'm not sure. I was triggered to read Twilight by an article in an old issue of People (living in Europe I missed the initial book hype) so when I started reading the movie had already been cast and shot. So I had an image as I read that was already set as Rob and Kristen but no visual as film. So I think Twilight came first, the books bowled me over without Rob. Hmm, very long answer...Happy Bday Rob!

eimear said...
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Twilight Moonlighter said...

For me, Twilight came first. And then I saw who was cast as Edward Cullen- that horrid EW picture (the one they apologized for later) and I nearly cried because the whole facade about the perfect man was ruined.

So I had to learn more about this awkward Brit- I scoured interviews that he'd done, saw his mug as Diggory, and slowly, I fell in lurve. Not with Edward Cullen, but with a hawt, dirty British boy named Robert Pattinson. And I, like everyone else, saw him as Edward Cullen. He embodies that character with perfection.

I adore him. I'm very protective of him. As an actor who, overnight became the man that millions of women fawn and paw over, he has handled his fame with immense grace. I wish him all the best and hope that fans can see him for the amazing method actor that he is; my wish for him is that his career does nothing but flourish.

Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson.

AccentOnLife said...

You pose an interesting question - Did Rob bring you to Twilight or did Twilight bring you to Rob? For me, I knew about Rob first, but it was really Twilight that brought me to him, if that makes sense.

I'm a features editor at a newspaper, so when Twilight (the film) came out, I, of course, saw (and printed) a ton of news about this British kid with weird hair. To tell you the truth, I wasn't all that impressed. (OK, I know better now - trust.) He seemed nice enough, but I just didn't get him.

Since much of my job is based on pop culture stuff, I wanted to understand this phenomenon. So I rented Twilight when it came out on DVD. And I remember a distinct moment when I thought, "Oh. So that's what all the fuss is about!" I started reading the books a couple of days later. When I bought the books, Rob's issue of GQ was staring back at me in the Barnes & Noble line. I read the interview online when I got home, and that's really what started it for me.

So, I suppose it was a combination of both. It was Twilight that made me take a second look. But Rob is the reason I'm still interested.

ApplesNFeathers said...

For me Twilight came first and it was after he was cast I was like..that guy looks familiar and being a Harry Potter fan I was seriously watching the 4th movie one day and was like Holy Shit...that's the guy! From there it was inevitable that I must own every movie the man has ever made so thank you Twilight and Harry Potter people for giving us the deliciousness that is Robert Pattinson

bierbeck said...

Twilight came first for me. I was a bit late to the whole Twilight thing. I read the books and saw the movie for the first time last July. I had seen Rob on magazines in the grocery story since Twilight the movie had been out, but I paid no attention to him and did not find him attractive. Then after falling in love with Twilight and Edward, I then fell in love with Rob and now wonder how I used to not think he was cute! I guess I had seen him in Harry Potter but that did not register until much later. Now of course I am obsessed with all things Rob and have seen most of his movies (except The Haunted Airman). I think Remember Me showed he is going to be a wonderful actor with a long career.
Happy Birthday Rob!

Angel Mendoza said...

If you ask me, maybe Rob came first... i was not that much of a fan of HP, but i just liked to collect the DVDs. Well, i saw (but not noticed, really) Cedric, since he was a friend of Harry. But i confess, i only noticed that he was in HP4 when i recognized him in Twilight... =)