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Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 21. Trails

This week's guest poster is Amber...not, not me...Amber of Rob My World and Shack of Soul. Two fantastic sites that you need to check out if you don't already follow them. You can also follow her on twitter @AmberRMW.

We pick up the morning after the engagement. Yeah, Bella and Edward are all officially engaged, although Bella is still weirded out by the whole prospect of getting married so she accepted the ring (hideous or not, you decide), then kindly gave it back. In Bella's mind, this was nothing more then a few words to be said in front of a priest in Vegas so she could get what she ultimately wanted, which was "getting down to business" with Edward. She didn't even have to tell anyone, so it could all be their little secret.

Alas, how quickly she forgot about Alice. Of course Alice would have seen this. You just know she's been looking for it. So it's no surprise that she is in a foul mood when they get home that afternoon. She warns them that the weather is going to be cold with snow and to pack for a very cold night. Then, she corners Bella and pulls a major guilt trip. Edward knows it's coming, but in typical male fashion just leaves the girls at it.

And that Alice! That girl is convincing for sure. Not only does she make Bella promise not to go to Vegas, but she convinces Bella to let her be the official wedding planner. Yep, Bella learns a couple hard lessons. 1) You don't try and cross Alice and 2) Weddings are never really for the couple, but the family. I myself learned this the hard way, so I can feel for her.

From there we head to the namesake of the chapter, which is setting the trails for the newborns to follow. As you all remember, the point is to lead the newborns into an ambush, and keep Bella safely on top of the mountain, away from any potential danger.

First, Bella walks the trail that will lead them in with Edward, pulling out stray hairs and all along the way. Edward reminds Bella that she can fight Alice and they can do the wedding her way, but I'm pretty sure Bella already knows it's a lost cause at that point.

While walking, Bella falls, cause that's what she does, and cuts her hand, causing her to bleed. She's insistent that Edward let her be and not be uncomfortable, but Edward says he's good. After rubbing her blood all over the place to prove that she too can be helpful without fighting, Edward moves to clean up her hand. He maintains that the smell no longer bothers him.

He got over it. Yep, that happened. 

Edward basically said that he lived for a full day thinking she was dead and that changed his reactions to her. Basically, his entire body screams "save her" versus "kill her" now. The trail set and done, enter Jacob. Yes, yes, hold back your enthusiasm. 

Now comes phase 2... getting Bella up the mountain while leaving a trail no newborn would ever follow, the trail of a wolf. After going over the logistics, Bella is now in Jacob's arms and the run up the mountain begins. Of course, as any good conversation begins, they discuss the weather, Jacob reiterating Alice's concerns about the cold. 

Then, of course, Jacob reminds Bella of her options, reminding her that she has really only kissed one person in her whole life and she is ready to call it quits. He wants her to remember she can play the field, with him specifically. Jacob has no problem being the experimental other kiss to weigh against Edward and make sure he is the right choice. Bella is pretty insistent with him, and tells him not to expect that kiss any time soon.

Then after goofing about how Bella likes Jacob better as a wolf (cause he can't talk, duh), Jacob finds out Edward is not fighting. Bella starts with her slight (okay, a little more than hysterics) about how if anyone gets hurt that it's her fault and she wouldn't know what to do if Edward didn't come back.

Typical Jacob can't believe Edward would drop out of the fight for Bella, even if she asked him too. Bella said she will be sick with worry because they are best friends. Jacob ruins the sweet moment to tell her she loves him, and that it is possible to love two people at once.

The campsite is approaching, and Bella asks Jacob to stay and not go fight. Jacob says no way, plus Sam is calling the shots, so he has to go. She asks him about the conversation she had with Edward about Jake being the beta of the group. Jacob reveals that actually, because of his lineage, really he was in line to be the alpha wolf. Come to find out, Jacob was offered the job, but turned it down. He was just not ready to step up.

Bella and Jake arrive at the campsite and Edward is waiting. The storm is looming, the tent is secure and Jacob heads off to change.

Be sure to leave Amber some love in the comments for this great post and weigh in with your thoughts. If you haven't checked it out, here's the link for the discussion her hubs, theshagdaddy, did for us a couple of chapters ago.


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

While I totally don't understand Bella's reluctance to marry Edward, I can understand the reluctance to wear the ring. She needs a little bit of time to come to terms with what's going on in her head before she starts wearing such an obvious symbol everywhere she goes. She also may want to at least break it to Jacob in a softer way than by showing up wearing that rock.

How in the world could she have ever thought for a second that Alice would let her get away with Vegas. Edward knew better than that and knew that not telling anyone wouldn't work when his own sister would be able to see it happen before it did!

I like how you described that his body now screams "save her" instead of "kill her". It's still a little hard to understand how that change could have happened so quickly for him, but he's been able to go so much longer without hunting since they got home from Italy that it makes sense.

Jacob is totally being his usual persistent self here. He knows his time is running out and he isn't going to pull any punches.

Bella asking him not to fight though, it just floors me. She's still wanting to hold on to them both. I know she says it's because she can't bear to think of either of them hurt...but this is so selfish on her part. She's basically willing to sacrifice all of Edward's family and the wolf pack as long as she gets to keep the two of them safe. Really Bella?

I had to laugh when I read the last sentence because my first thought was that Jacob was going to change clothes! LOL

Jubilise said...

lol me too! But the tent scene is going to be my most err well ONE of my most favorite scenes in the movie. cant wait!