Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinemark to show Twilight Trilogy!

Can you say excited? Did anyone just hear me squee? That's right, Cinemark will be showing all three movies on June 29 for one ticket price! When New Moon came out, we were at the theater at 6:00 that evening and were so happy that we got to see Twilight as well rather than just sit in our seats waiting. You're going to see my inner fangirl come out now people. I will be purchasing my tickets tomorrow. What about you?

You can click here or on the above pic to see if there is a Cinemark near you. I will definitely be at mine on June 29 watching all three movies on the big screen! That will bring my grand total to 6 times in the theater for each of the first two. This is an awesome opportunity for the fans who came late to the game and didn't get to see Twilight in theaters!

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