Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ashley and Kellan sign 'Breaking Dawn' deals

After a few weeks of speculation EW has revealed that Kellan and Ashley have finally signed their deals for 'Breaking Dawn'.  According to EW;

" [The] co-stars that were in a heated battle with Summit Entertainment over the deal points for the fourth and fifth installment of Breaking Dawn, have signed their deals, sources say. It’s not clear which party buckled and both sides are sure to have their spin, but we can confirm that we’ll see Green back as Alice Cullen for the last two Twilight films. And hunky Lutz will also return as Emmett Cullen for the conclusion of the epic franchise. Bill Condon is directing and production is set to begin in the fall. Summit Entertainment would not confirm the deals."

We now all wait on official word as to whether 'Breaking Dawn' is set to be one or two movies!


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