Friday, April 30, 2010

What does Bill Condon bring to Breaking Dawn?

The LA Times has done a great article on 'What kind of Breaking Dawn will Bill Condon make?'.  The article notes that whilst none of his previous movies ('Dreamgirls', 'Kinsey', 'Gods and Monsters') have obvious similarities with 'Breaking Dawn' there are elements from each that he can take forward to help in his adaptation:

""Dreamgirls," for all its pomp, centers on the larger world persecuting an anointed one, a neat parallel to the ordeal faced by Bella's child. It also tells a sprawling story from several perspectives, as the "Breaking Dawn" novel does.

"Monsters," which tells of the personal and creative trouble of "Bride of Frankenstein" director James Whale, could come in handy if Condon wanted to explore the demons that come from within, a plight particularly faced by Bella throughout the series.

And a "Kinsey" influence would mean the foregrounding of a misunderstood but right-minded outsider, which kind of describes all three main protagonists in the series but especially, in this book, describes Jacob, who breaks away from his family over their murderous intentions for Bella's child.

As a rule, Condon has been preoccupied with the underdog in his movies, though one who ultimately triumphs and finds vindication,  which fits nicely with the themes of "Twilight.""

Read the full article here.  We are still waiting to find out if Breaking Dawn will be one or two movies or if it will be in 3D. As soon as we know we will let you know! What do you think Bill Condon will bring to 'Breaking Dawn'? Do you want one or two movies? Would you watch 'Breaking Dawn' in 3D? Let us know!


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