Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rob is a top earner!

Rob has been named by the Sunday Times 2010 Rich List as the 14th richest person under 30 in the UK with a fortune of £13m, approximately $24m.

The Times said:

"It is an amazing turnaround. Only a few years ago, Pattinson, who had a supporting role in the 2005 film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, considered giving up acting altogether. According to an interview last month, he spent a year trying to break into the music business and “getting drunk”.
Then he landed the role of Edward Cullen, hero of the 2008 film Twilight. The second instalment of the saga came out last year and the third is due this summer.  Along with his ruffled hair and sculpted features, stardom and millions have made Pattinson the heart-throb of countless young, and not so young, women. He seems destined for even bigger things.  Yet he appears, so far, unconcerned by material possessions. He lives in hotels or stays with his parents while in London, drives an old BMW and dresses down.  This month he admitted considering buying a house in Hollywood, saying: “I’ve been forced to stay in a hotel for the last three years. I almost gave in and bought a house in Hollywood.” Then he added: “But luckily I realised how insanely expensive that is, and I don’t even know if I’ll still be working next year.”

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