Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Remember Me' has a DVD release date

'Remember Me' has a US DVD release date already! has noted that the DVD will be released in the US on June 22nd. Unfortunately we have no other regions release information but as soon as we do we will post them here. 

This is a surprisingly fast turnaround on DVD release given that the movie still hasn't opened in the UK as of yet.  Box Office Mojo has the total Box office figures for 'Remember Me' so far and the movie saw a +8% on Tuesday to put it's overall take at $17,467,620 overall.

Remember to get out there and support the movie tomorrow when it is released in the UK! 

You can pre-order the DVD in the US HERE and Blu Ray HERE
You can be notified of the UK release HERE

Thanks for the heads up to ROBsessed!

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