Friday, April 9, 2010

New Moon officially ends theater run

New Moon has now officially ended it's theater run according to 'Box Office Mojo'.  New Moon officially ended it's box office runs on Thursday, April 1. That means, according to BOM their distributors decided to stop tracking them, even though they may still be playing at a handful of theaters. New Moon, which has been out on video since Mar. 20 will continue to show on at least five theaters.

New Moon grossed $296.6 million in 133 days making it the fourth highest-grossing movie from 2009 and it ranks 34th on the all time grosses chart . It also stands as the biggest teen romance and vampire movie on record, eclipsing the first Twilight for the title. New Moon built significantly on Twilight's turn-out, which was $192.8 million. According to BOM when a predecessor is that popular, it has been historically uncommon for a sequel to surpass it.  New Moon still holds the record for biggest single day with its $72.7 million haul on its opening day, Nov. 20, 2009, as well as the midnight showings record ($26.3 million). It also logged the third highest-grossing opening weekend of all time, $142.8 million, but has the distinction of being the most front-loaded blockbuster ever, making 48 percent of its total gross on its first weekend alone.

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