Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Music of Twilight

The Twilight fandom is like a spiderweb, it sucks you in, and never lets go. It gets wider and more diverse with every new story you read, new pictures you see and yes, new music you hear.
I absolutely adored the Twilight OSD, fell in love with The Muse and soon found the playlists Stephenie Meyer compiled for each book on her official website - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and even unpublished Midnight Sun. Well, not surprisingly, our favorite author has an amazing taste in contemporary music! Being not so well educated in the matter before, I happily discovered through TwiMusic quite a few bands that still enthrall and inspire me as it does many other Twifans:

So far, both movies OSTs as well as original scores were an instant favorites of mine, the kind that you play over and over and each time discover new nuance in the music or lyrics that makes you like it even more. I thought the original Twilight's Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell was very pretty, but Alexandre Desplat's New Moon melody just swept me off my feet. It has this uplifting sadness in it, makes you want to smile through tears...
Alexandre certainly didn't need New Moon to help him establish his movie-composer reputation, he already took part in scores (pun intended) of major films and in this one he didn't disappoint. You can better appreciate the role that "background" music plays in the movies when you're watching deleted or unfinished scenes on DVD, which only include voices (and often-heavy breathing :)) but no music. It feels eerie and empty without the music's help.
So, what are your personal favorites that you discovered through Twilight Universe? Any new finds? Other fan recommendations? What are you ideas for the Eclipse soundtrack? Who would you like to see on it? I'm still amazed that Evanescence is nowhere to be seen, it just seems like such a perfect fit...

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