Thursday, April 15, 2010

More on Eclipse 'Reshoots'

There has been more information made available on the 'reshoots' rumor started by the Lainey Gossip article and the subsequent Summit statement via Gossip Cop yesterday, read our article on it HERE.

Gregory Elwood from Hit Fix is reporting that HitFix has learned that Slade, who is currently overseeing the film's score in London, would be headed to Vancouver himself to film what are obs-tentatively pick up shots, not reshot scenes. Additionally, a Summit spokesperson told HitFix that the shoot has been planned for months, the picture is not in "trouble" and, in fact, the studio thinks it may be the best of the three so far.

Read the rest of his article HERE.

Additionally David Slade seems to be getting a good laugh out of all the rumors tweeting:

'In London overseeing the film score with Mr Howard Shore and enjoying all the gossip flying around. Onwards to the Eclipse!!

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