Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life After the Dawn

Twilight books are nice and thick. But still, they have an annoying tendency to end, at some point... So, what's the true TwiHard to do when all 4 are read and re-read? When all recommendations based on genius notion that "if you liked THIS, you're very likely to enjoy THAT" run out. After you scoured the internet for all and any book Stephenie Meyer ever mentioned. What's left? I'll tell you what - Fanfiction!

Turns out, fanfic is a full blown parallel universe, which encompasses pretty much all popular book/tv/movie entertainment, but Twilight seems to be one of the most prolific ones. Could be because twifans are some of the most passionate ones? Oh, no matter the reason, Twifics have it all. Rich and poor, human and vampire, "classic" and unusual pairings, past, present and future, high school and grown up. You name it, they wrote it. There's this whole terminology that comes with fanfiction. For example, words "lemon" and "slash" were forever ruined for me and gained totally new meanings after I emerged myself in the world of FF. All the mind-boggling abbreviations now ooze warm familiarity. I, myself am a big fan of AH M-rated HEA ;)
The world of Twi-Fiction is vast and uncharted. The main site, is too huge to explore on your own. So, what I'd recommend is to check out sites that specialize on fanfic recommendations and there are some excellent ones out there.
The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster Blog is a wonderful resource that features all sorts of fic-related goodies. From lists of recently completed fics (extremely important if you can't stand the suspense of reading incomplete piece, getting into it and then being completely at mercy of the author's writing block ;), to random tiny blurbs "on the theme" supplied by some "writers in residence", and finally very regular and very good recommendations. There are always tons of ongoing competitions amongst the twificsters in which you can nominate and vote for your favorites.

I personally find myself following 5-10 fictions, to a point when they get all tangled up in my head. But I have to give credit to the very talented authors out there, who manage to give the story that everybody already knows and very familiar and beloved characters a new lease on life. Here are some of my "all time" and more recent favorites that I highly recommend (all M-rated, so proceed with caution, please):
* Wide Awake (the uncensored version on LJ) by unrivaled queen of twific angst, AngstGoddess003 herself.
* Creature of Habit, my favorite "canon" story by EZRocksAngel
* Heartbreakingly believable and uplifting story Your True Colors by my multi-talented friend Betti Gefecht
* Beautiful and intellectually fulfilling story of a certain copper-haired Dante specialist and his muse - The University of Edward Masen by the mysterious SebastienRobichaud
* Last by not least dark and appeasingly (sorry, an "inside joke" here ;)) angsty Hit by Destiny by ocdmess
I showed you mine, now show me yours please? What's your cup of fanfic tea? Mafiaward, Inkella or perhaps some obscure Jaybone slash? Please share!!!!

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Betti Gefecht said...

Wow, thanks so much for the pimpage BB! I didn't even know you were reading Your True Colors!!! *blushes*
Heart you!!! Betti