Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fans want 'R' rated 'Breaking Dawn'

Reelz channel is reporting on the online petition circulating online for an 'R' rated 'Breaking Dawn'. This comes hot on the heels of Melissa Rosenberg's note that the movie will be PG 13 (as have all the movies been) and that:

"My feeling is - more or less blood, or more or less graphic violence, sex or childbirthing gore doesn't define Breaking Dawn. It's the characters, their journey, their relationships. The other stuff won't change that. So regardless of the rating, the story, essentially, is the story. I won't be able to satisfy ALL fans, but hopefully more fans than less."

The petition states;

"It is understood that not only is Breaking Dawn rated R in the book, the director should produce a film that mirrors it's book in original form that is greatly loved by females (and some males) all over the world. Losing major details of the movie will definitely hurt the release of Breaking Dawn and disappoint fans everywhere."

As Reelz channel points out the petition is pretty pointless as Stephenie Meyer has a previous agreement with Summit that all the movies are PG-13. Read the article HERE.

Will you be signing the petition? Will you be disapointed if the movie is PG-13? What do you think the movie will be missing if it isn't R? Comment and let us know!

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