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Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 18. Instruction

This week's guest poster is none other than the wonderfully hilarious TheShagDaddy, also known as the husband of Rob My World's Amber. 

I’m not going to lie; doing a blog over a single chapter is way harder than over the entire book. It also doesn’t help that I have literally waited until the last moment to do this. Why do I have to be such a guy sometimes and procrastinate so badly? I am now at zero hour and here is what you have been waiting for…

At this point we know the wolves want to help the Cullens against the newborns and Victoria. And when I say help the Cullens, obviously I mean Bella. Bella, of course, hates the idea that she has now put more people she loves in danger. As usual though, she fails to see that the people she loves also love her back and are willing to die for her.  Edward has taken Bella home to sleep and per Bella she does not want to sleep so she and Edward let some time pass to ensure Charlie is out for the night.

Finally, it’s time to meet up with the rest of the Edward’s family and the wolves. Edward asks Bella one final time, knowing full well what the answer will be, if she wants to stay and get some sleep. Edward carries Bella to the meeting place, running like the way he used to when it was just the two of them. They get to the meeting place and Bella realizes it is the same place as where they placed baseball one year earlier. Being back at the clearing Bella starts to think about James, Laurent and Victoria and in doing so gives her a new look about who was in her bedroom.  Bella suggests to Edward that while it may not have been Victoria herself in Bella’s room it very well could have been a new friend. Edward points out that it would have to be one of the older newborns as a fresh-made newborn would not have left Charlie alive. Edward tells her that she is very perceptive today and I found that to be rather insulting but Bella didn’t seem to care.

As the two of them come closer to the family, Bella notice Alice is a bit tense. Edward informs Bella that Alice feels “blind” because the wolves mess up her psychic abilities. Fortunately, Edward still can read the wolves' mind and can tell when they are coming which is right now. The wolves don’t trust the Cullens in the human form and show up transformed. Because of this Edward acts as the go between relaying messages to his family. Also, when the wolves show up they now have 10 instead of 6 in their pack.

Jasper is now ready to lead his demonstration of how to fight the newborns. The wolves do not wish to participate and would like to just watch for tonight. Jasper is uncomfortable with the wolves and directs all of his instructions (hey, that’s the name of this chapter!) towards his family. First, he has Emmett try and attack him explaining the newborns would be like Emmett trying to use brute strength. Jasper easily catches Emmett from behind which does not make Emmett happy. Next, Jasper wants Bella to really pay attention to his fight with Alice. Alice is able to beat Jasper by reading his moves and simply moving to avoid them. Finally, Edward gets his chance with Jasper. Jasper has a lot of experience with fighting but Edward has his mind reading ability and so after several moments they decide to call it a draw.

The rest of the family get their chance to train with Jasper, but eventually Bella’s exhaustion starts to get the best of her.  Everyone agrees to meet again the following night to do more training. Before they part, the wolves have asked if it would be okay to get familiar with everyone’s scents so there will be no confusion during the fight. Of course they agree to it and as the wolves go from Cullen to Cullen, Bella recognizes Jacob. She pets his hair and gives a tummy rub and possibly a milk bone and in return Jacob licks her face. I was sure Edward was going to neuter Jacob, but alas he did not. The wolves finish up and start to leave when Jacob start mind-talking with Edward. Jacob doesn’t like Edward’s answers so he goes to the woods and comes back out in human form to talk. Jacob’s concern is what to do with Bella during the fight. The main problem is Bella’s scent and the fact it is everywhere. I mean this girl gets around ifyouknowwhatimsaying. Then it hits Jacob that the wolves smell terrible to the vampires and comes up with idea to carry Bella to a safe place and his scent would mask hers. 

So now it’s decided to create a fake trail with Bella before Jacob takes her to a safe place in the wilderness. New concern is there would be no one to watch her, but wait, Seth wants to do more than sit at La Push and he would have the wolf pack mind reading power to be able to alert them to any danger. Problem solved and I’m sure nothing will happen while Bella is tucked away in her tent. 

I just want to end this by saying I am still disappointed that Rachelle did not get to finish her part out. I already had thoughts of how hot she would be fighting the Eclipse movie. However, the bonus now is that we get to see Bryce die. 

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My hubby can't stand Bryce either. All I have to say about that is LOL! that's a good way of looking at it. Wasn't happy about the change either....