Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 16. Epoch

A note from Kerry:  The rest of the Eclipse Discussions will be contributed by a series of guest posters, with one or two special appearances from Amber. Thank you everyone who has taken over this project for me! Chapter 16 is brought to us by our good friend Heather. Take it away, Heather!

Chapter 16 – Epoch

I want to thank Amber for asking me to contribute to the awesome Eclipse discussion that you all have been having.  I hope that I do an okay job!  Without further ado, let’s get into this puppy.
Chapter 16 finds Bella obsessing over what to wear to her high school graduation…doesn’t sound very Bella-like does it?  Of course she would have worn her red blouse, but it had been kidnapped.  And as usual Alice is the fashion maven to the rescue.  Bella and Alice chat about how awful it must be for Alice to feel *gasp* normal because of the holes in her “sight.”  Let’s say it all together people, “Poor Alice!”  But when Alice puts her stress over not being able to see the thieving vampire and the situation in Seattle together in one sentence, something clicks in Bella’s head…it’s all related.  The person who is forming the newborn vampire army in Seattle is the same person who took Bella’s scent…so that others could find her.  The obvious reaction at the realization is fear, right?  Well, this is Bella we are speaking about; instead she feels relief.  No one is coming to exterminate the Cullens…just her.  As a side note, someone needs to remind Bella to be scared for her own life, she is mortal after all.

Bella dresses in her new Alice-approved outfit and meets Charlie and Edward downstairs to ride to the graduation.  Edward can tell that something is bothering Bella, but all she admits to is being nervous.  Charlie also picks up on her mood, but figures that her graduation party is just the thing to perk her up.  Edward and Bella take their places in line for graduation, and now Jessica is her best friend again…don’t you just love Jessica?  She waxes poetic about their fairytale friendship that has spanned the recesses of time…all of two years, heh.  The rest of the ceremony is a blur, like everything is in fast-forward.  Bella vaguely remembers hearing cheering from Charlie and Jacob when her name is called.

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Searching the crowd for her friends, Edward walks up and grabs Bella from behind and whispers his congratulations.  Um, this is way sexier in my head I think than it is on paper.  Anyway, Bella admits to know what Alice is hiding from Edward and then decides to tell him what she has figured out about the connection between the thief and the army in Seattle.  Obviously this realization doesn’t make Edward too pleased and he bites Charlie’s head off when he asks to join them for dinner…very unEdward-like.

Bella and Charlie suffer through/enjoy an elongated celebratory dinner at The Lodge before the graduation party.  While Charlie is paying the bill, Bella waits outside at the cruiser and Edward  appears.  He’s been watching her the entire time and kisses her…*sigh*…he vows to follow them to his house.  Creeper much? 

My favorite part of this chapter is the conversation between Charlie and Bella about her coming to live with him…and how he should have taught her how to throw a proper punch.  He tells her to punch Jacob in the gut next time.  Next time?
    “Yeah.  The right thing isn’t always real obvious.  Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else.  So…good luck figuring that out.”
I think that this quote fits so many situations in this story, not just the Bella+Jacob+Edward love triangle.  Charlie is just so wise.  And of course upon pulling up to the Cullen home they are greeted by 3 miles of beautiful twinkling lights.  Oh that Alice!
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This chapter was important because it finally brings together the idea that the person who snuck into Bella’s room was the same person creating the newborn vampire army in Seattle.  The rest was kind of filler to get us to the party.  The graduation is not memorable in Bella’s mind, probably because she is viewing it as an ending to so many things.  The title of this chapter kind of stumped me.  When you think of an epoch you think of a moment in time that symbolizes the origin of an era of time.  Perhaps the graduation really isn’t an ending as Bella sees it.  Maybe it is the beginning of something that will go on for an eternity…oh Stephenie you are so sneaky!  What are your thoughts?


Desiree said...

The "epoch" part was being tied into the realization she came up w/of the scent and angry vamps were coming after her. It was that nagging thing in the back of her mind if you remember from previous chapter(s) that she couldn't put a finger on...DA te DA DA...Well I give you her epoch moment.. BUT Epoch could have multi meanings....Graduation--Living through highschool is a very epoch moment for ANYONE let alone poor unlucky Bella. Its Epoch cause its a significant moment in her life. Not cause she's just graduating but....signifies a momentous beginning changing...(An adult, Marriage to come, & time to vamp up) Just look up epoch's def....

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

Thanks so much for the great job you did with this chapter. I totally agree, Charlie is very wise and that's an awesome quote. I wonder how differently Bella might have turned out if she'd been raised by Charlie instead of Renee.