Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eating in the Twilight

YES, I've read the books, Stephenie Meyer's vampires don't eat. At all. They don’t eat, sleep or go to the bathroom, I know. But, there’s got to be food somewhere in there, right? Humans still need some nourishment, do they not?
For one thing, there’s an infamous Forks' diner, where we get to observe the father-daughter interaction through a meal that consists of meat/potatoes for Charlie and “veggie” burger for Bella. I recall there’s a promise of pie for dessert (at least in the movie).
Then there’s a first dinner that Bella and Edward “share” in Port Angeles, remember the Italian restaurant? Of course, Mushroom ravioli are on the menu, and lots and lots of Coke. This is the place of an infamous “I’m on a special diet” admission from Edward which gets Bella all rallied up ;)
At home, Bella produces very decent comfort food for pleasantly surprised Charlie (who didn’t expect much from culinarily spontaneous Renee’s daughter). Charlie himself is not particularly good at the kitchen, I only remember him cooking some very unsuccessful pasta dish.
On the werewolf part of the equation, there’s always Harry Clearwater’s famous fish fry. Werewolves eat a lot, to sustain their big hot bodies, but there’s really nothing special in their diet. They are just big goofy perpetually hungry teenagers who are not above crunching some big bag of chips and hitting their buddies on the head with the bag ;)

Then, there’s movie-specific food I’d like to mention. In Twilight it was liquorish, of course, which was kind of a spontaneous thing that the freezing actors got to munch on, while sitting in the van in the La Push Beach scene. In the New Moon, there’s a “cake that can feed fifty” and Emily’s gigantic muffins. I wonder what they’ll come up with for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!
If you're looking for a creative and original menu for your Twi-Themed party, you're in luck! While writing my party kits, I've found a ton of online places serving yummy ideas:

There is a whole Flickr group, dedicated entirely to Twilight-themed food and decorated cakes.
Twilight party sites, including my personal fave which I frequent, Tara’s Twilight Party blog, feature beautiful, creative dishes that true Twilight fans churn out for their get-togethers. More food/drink ideas can be found here.
There’s an actual (albeit unofficial) Twilight cookbook, available among other places on Amazon.
I've seen a very cool site Wicked Wines that sells “vampire-themed” wines.
So, what’s next? Considering the neverending stream of related products that movie/book companies produce for each pop culture phenomenon (best examples I can come up with at the moment are “all flavors” jelly beans straight from Harry Potter - or Willy Wonka chocolate bars with the chance to win the Golden Ticket for a trip around the world), what are we going to see on the shelves for TwiFood? I believe True Blood beat them to the punch with the “artificial blood” drink. What do you think the merchandising people will come up with to feed our Twicravings? Any good ideas?

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