Friday, April 30, 2010

Do you want Bella's engagement ring?

You can own a replica of Bella's engagement ring from 'Eclipse'! The ring used in the movie and seem briefly in the trailer replicates exactly the ring described by Stephenie in the book. The ring is honestly not to everyone's taste (full disclosure - I personally dislike it). The company who makes the ring, Infinite Jewelry has been authorized to produce the ring by Stephenie.

There are three different versions of the ring available at different price points and it comes in yellow and white gold.   The ring is Victorian design with an open-work gallery and a finely polished edge that surrounds stones. The ring that Edward gave to Bella is described as gold, so if you want your ring to be exactly like Bella's, order Yellow Gold; or if you prefer the silver or white-gold look, order White Gold.

You can order the ring here. Is this how you imagined Bella's ring to look?


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