Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peter Facinelli from Atlanta TwiTour Part 1

Peter Facinelli was the first celebrity guest to take the stage for Q&A at this past weekend’s official Twilight Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course the crowd was thrilled with his arrival. He took the stage dressed in a leather hat and vest. Always a fan favorite, there were plenty of questions waiting for him.

Here are some tidbits from that Q&A…

Most people are probably aware that Peter and his lovely wife, Jennie Garth, have three daughters, age 12, 7 and 3. His 12 year-old has read the first two Twilight books and will probably have finished Eclipse before the movie comes out. The two older girls have seen New Moon and the 3 year-old will probably see it with the others when the DVD comes out. If you ask her what her favorite scene in Twilight is, she says the scary parts. The first time that she saw the baseball scene in Twilight, she thought that he was doing video chat on Skype and she got very upset because he wouldn’t answer her.

Filming Twilight was a lot of fun. It got the cast together as a family. He only worked 5 days on New Moon, but working with Chris Weitz was wonderful. Because Chris is an actor, he spoke their language.

Working with David Slade was enjoyable as well. Each new director you work with brings something different to the table. They have a different way of looking at things and it gives you a chance to look at your character differently as well.

Peter said that his favorite book is Eclipse. That happens to be mine as well. He said it presents new frustrations for Carlisle. He’s having to try and keep his family calm while “freaking out” inside. *Tiny Spoiler* In the movie, you get to see Carlisle rip someone’s head off. Not exactly his usually compassionate self, but Peter said he apologized in his head every take.

Popular questions were his favorite candy and ice cream flavor. After he said in an earlier Q&A that M&M’s, particularly the peanut ones, are his favorite candy, he was sent so many by fans that he said he could have taken a bath in them. While filming New Moon, he always kept some in his trailer. While Rob was training for the big shirtless Italy reveal, he accused Peter of trying to ruin him by tempting him with M&M’s.

Someone asked who Peter was more like, Carlisle or his Nurse Jackie character, Dr. Cooper. His first reaction was to say “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Then I’d bite you and you’d live forever.” He described Carlisle as the compassionate and gentlemanly patriarch. Cooper is all buoyant and high energy, constantly moving. He’s a kid who never grew up and has no filter, he just says whatever he thinks without realizing that it is offensive. Peter said he sort of feels sorry for Coop. He has no friends but he thinks that everyone is his friend, but he is a lot of fun to play.

A fan asked what a conversation would be like between Dr. Cullen and Dr. Cooper. This was one Peter had never thought about. He went into a mock conversation with Coop offering Carlisle a Snickers bar and noting that he was pretty pale and should probably try to get a tan. He said that Coop would probably just get on his nerves until Carlisle killed him.

The next question was what kind of music would be on Carlisle’s ipod. Peter said it would be a bit of everything. Some Bach, Mozart, 50’s, Fox Trot, 20’s, 30’s, swing, even Justin Bieber and Jay Z.

More from Peter tomorrow…

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