Friday, March 5, 2010

Kristen Stewart: Musings From the Twilight Zone

You want to get in to Kristen's head a little? Here is your chance. A short article ran in TheIndependent with some deep words from Kristen. I have a lot of respect for Kristen, and it's great to get a rare glimpse into how she thinks, beyond the routine interview questions.

Here's a snippet, click the link above for the full article.
Before the first Twilight movie in 2008, I was a much more open person. Now I spend a lot of time looking at the floor in public in an attempt not to get noticed. It can get a little boring. But whatever sacrifices I’ve had to make as a rising star, my job makes up for it a hundredfold.I won the Orange Rising Star Award at the Baftas last week. As I stood on stage at the Royal Opera House, I felt overwhelmed – in front of all these industry people, whom I don’t just admire, but who are the foundation of what I want to do. It’s hard to explain how it feels being in the same room as Kate Winslet.  Perhaps it’s similar to how a Twilight fan feels on seeing me in person.

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