Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Our 900th Post! What better way to celebrate than Robapalooza?

So, we're taking some time here to be a Rob blog as the Remember Me press frenzy goes on this week. Rob (and Emilie,too!) spent the weekend in interviews. It was very cute to watch the tweets from all the journalists as they fell under the spell Rob has had us under for more than a year now!

@ga_brielle: He is adorable. Also incredibly charming!
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz was wearing a white T & jeans kept running his hands thru his hair it would stick up very cute
@andreamineocnn: asked R #Patz : tell me something about yourself that fans don't know. He couldn't.
 @mannymovies: Had great interviews with REMEMBER ME folks...Robert Pattinson is a sweetheart...for risk of sounding like a tween but he's adorable...soft hands :)
@stayfabulous: Robert was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans ,his hair was perfectly tousled and he kept running his hands thru it during the interview..lovely

Rob has a busy day today. This morning he was at the Today Show. A big group of people from the Letters to Twilight forum was there, though they didn't get to meet Rob. Still 20-feet isn't too shabby! Hopefully, we'll have some  more from them tonight at the red carpet.

For those avoiding spoilers, you may want to skip the Today Show interview. While there isn't a direct spoiler, there are some references to some themes in the movie that may easily give away a piece of the story.

Don't forget to watch (or at least DVR) Jimmy Fallon tonight. I can't WAIT to see what's going to happen there.

A little video/pic spam from the weekend:



Read Andrea Mineo's article on CNN about this pic here. Some sorta-spoilers about the ending.

Thank you to RPLife for all the pictures and video links!


TLC said...

Happy nine hundred!!!!!!!!
Keep it up ladies, your doin fabulous!!!

itsjustme1217 said...

Congratulations ladies. A huge accomplishment!