Friday, March 26, 2010

Introducing Furry Fridays - Stop the Jake hate!

With the release of the official Eclipse poster this week, it seemed that we've had a flood of extreme Jacob hate, mostly with people who are upset to see him as a prominent figure in the poster. Now first, let me give my disclaimer: Despite my recent Team Charlie leanings, when it comes to the Twilight Triangle, I've always preferred Jacob. I don't hate Edward (although I always get really mad at him during New Moon), but I would've chosen Jacob if I were in Bella's shoes. I know that 3/4 of the free world is in love with Edward/Rob, but I really have trouble understanding why that loyalty to Edward equals animosity for Jacob. So, without further ado, I present to you five reasons for the Edward lover to stop the Jake hate!

1. Without Jacob, there is no Bella.
Say what you will, but if it weren't for Jacob, Bella would have been damaged irreparably during Edward's prolonged absence. Laurent would've eaten her in the woods. Yes, Alice would have seen it, but since he didn't make the decision to kill her until that exact moment, none of the Cullens would have made it in time. Of course, who's to say that simple heartbreak wouldn't have killed her.

2. He's cute!
I've seen it said that Jacob/Taylor is ugly. Okay, people, be objective. There is absolutely nothing physically unattractive about TL. I understand that, in your eyes, he may pale in comparison (har har) to Edward; however, take a step back for a second and realize that he's a cutie!

3. Dog isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Some of the Cullens, and now many of you TE ladies, use dog in a slanderous way to describe any of the wolf pack and Jacob specifically. Dogs are cute! They are loyal. They protect their masters. They comfort you when you're feeling down. They're funny, smart, and furry. Hmm... how 'bout that? Sounds like Jacob, too. See... it's not necessarily bad!

4. Jacob's a fantastic friend
Good friends are hard to find, and I challenge you to find somebody who'd still give up everything- home, family, shelter even- just to protect you, even when he believes to the core of his soul that you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Jacob's whole world shifted for Bella whenever she needed him, and all the time he knew he had nothing to gain from sacrificing for her. How can you not at least respect him?

and, finally...

5. No Jacob = No Edward
During New Moon, Bella would have met her demise in a hundred different ways if Jacob hadn't been there to save her. If you recall, Edward refused to live in a world where Bella was not in it. So, if there were no Jacob, then Edward would have succeeded in his plot for self-destruction, and the Volturi would have destroyed him. If for no other reason, be grateful that Jacob saved Edward's life!

I hope that I've given you guys something to chew on, and from now on, when you call Jacob "dog", I'm going to take it as a compliment!


Ameliyana said...

HAH love this and I totally agree, just cause you're team Edward doesn't mean you cant like Jacob as a friend type....Bella does... :) lol

red_bella said...

I agree... Read The Ascent by Stoney G. Pumpkin and you will be team Jacob in no time!