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Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 14. Declaration

We start with Bella and Alice arguing the appropriateness of the graduation party. Bella thinks it is inappropriate considering the impending arrival of the newborn army. Alice counters that a party is exactly what is appropriate at a graduation and since all they can do is wait, then they might as well have the party.

Edward mentions that the Cullens are looking for some help. Since the Denali coven has refused their assistance, they are considering involving their allies and acquaintance among the various nomadic vampires. After all, no one wants the Volturi to visit. Unfortunately, these allies do not hold to the Cullens' standards of life, and that makes everyone a little uncomfortable.

Bella expresses her wishes to help. If she were changed immediately, there would be time for the conversion to take place before the newborns arrived.

Kerry: What's fueling the desire to be changed is the feeling of helplessness. These people she loves are risking their lives for her and she is powerless to contribute to the battle
Sabrina: In simplest terms, she's just flat do anything to protect him.
Amber: bit of foreshadowing...she's interested in helping, yes, but in offering protection for them
Amber: exactly, because if she loses Edward, none of the rest of it matters

We then learn that Bella's mother is unable to attend her graduation. Phil, Bella's stepfather, was injured and needs constant care. Bella is so relieved that Renee will be far out of Forks, and therefore out of harm's way that she's not even concerned that Renee will be missing her graduation.

Sabrina: Anybody else find it odd that Stephenie chose not to let Renee be there for Bella's graduation?
Kerry: I always thought it was weird that she didn't come. She couldn't find someone else to care for Phil for 2 days?
Kerry: Is high school graduation not considered that important in some parts of the country?
Amber: yeah, that is a pretty big deal to miss out on
Sabrina: Definitely.
Kerry: But I guess it really defines the relationship
Kerry: that Bella is the parent
Amber: they have a very unconventional relationship
Kerry: Phil is her focused relationship.and the beginning of making the separation easier for Bella
Amber: and you notice that it wasn't planned to start with, Renee was going to come to surprise Bella
Amber: her being there isn't something that Bella is expecting
Kerry: Honestly, Bella doesn't even seem that excited about graduating. Whether its just being overshadowed by the more pressing events, or she just doesn't care that much it's hard to say

Bella and Edward return to her house. Bella calls her mother and Edward plays with her hair. Kerry has flashbacks to highschool/college, when the now Mr. Kerry would do the same thing. After the phone call, we're treated to a little kissyface time. Somehow, in our discussion the other night, we managed to miss this line:

Okay, okay, the picture is out of context, but you liked it as much as I did, didn't you?
It's a very brief moment, but do note they both have a similar reaction to the necessity of a fairly chaste relationship. Just in case you're thinking Edward's a little too easily restrained.

Edward and Carlisle plan to hunt the next day, leaving Bella under the watchful eyes of his brothers. Bella protests being 'babysat' and expresses a wish to go to the reservation and visit Jacob while he's away. True to his word, again, Edward agrees that Bella would be just as safe in La Push as she would be in Forks.

There's a brief discussion of vampire mechanics. Human blood makes a vampire stronger, though big game blood is very nearly as good. It is explained that the reason newborn vamps are so strong is because they have so much blood, they're own blood, still in their systems. While that information is useful, the key to this discussion is a joke about Bella challenging Emmett to an arm-wrestling match when she's turned. It's difficult to tell if either of them noticed the moment, but it is a humorous moment regarding their future. Together. And a rare sign from Edward about just how much he is looking forward to having Bella forever.

We had a great discussion about the end of the chapter, though, so I will let that tell the bulk of it.

Amber: so LaPush
Amber: Edward says he can't stay out of Jacob's head because he's yelling
Kerry: it's not something he can turn off...he's learned to tune out 'voices' but it's hard to tune out someone that's yelling at you
Kerry: And Jacob's probably getting himself all worked up over how he's going to approach her...
Sabrina: ... I really liked that for some reason.  I liked that somebody acknowledges that Jacob is so desperate that even his thoughts are loud and desperate.  Poor baby :(
Kerry: Jacob has never been all that concerned with hiding his thoughts
Amber: that's true
Sabrina: True... lol.
Amber: Jacob has used the fact that Edward can read his thoughts to his advantage before
Amber: I don't think that's what he was up to this time, but I think he just couldn't have hidden it if he wanted to
Sabrina: But I really don't think he is giving a lot of thought to Edward himself in this particular instance.
Amber: by this point, he's pretty used to someone being able to read his thoughts a large part of the time
Kerry: and I'm sorry Sabrina, this is one of the occasions that just highlights the disparity in the maturity levels between Jacob and Edward to me
Kerry: honking? Really?
Amber: but I love Edward's reaction
Sabrina: Well, yeah.
Amber: it's almost like the date / dad thing there
Sabrina: The honking, sure, but his thoughts are not aimed toward Edward.
Kerry: no, I'm sure he's more thinking about what he's planning to tell Bella
Amber: and he's excited to see her, thus the honking
Amber: teenage boys are never very good at hiding their excitement
Kerry: that wasn't an excited honk...the two honks is impatient
Sabrina: Yeah, he was impatient.  It's his time for a change!  LOL
Amber: and it speaks to Edward's era as well, he's just more restrained
Kerry: and Jacob has no claim on her time. And he's being rude, and Edward is actually trying
Sabrina: I think rude is pushing it.
Sabrina: And Jacob has a claim on her time as a friend.
Sabrina: If that weren't true, she wouldn't be visiting La Push in the first place.
Kerry: Not when she's sitting in her boyfriend's car. he can wait. or leave.
Kerry: If it were Edward, everyone would be calling him pushy and overbearing
Amber: I can go with rude here
Amber: it's not like she's been sitting there for half an hour making him wait for her
Kerry: yes, and he can give her 30 seconds to say good bye to Edward
Amber: and I agree, if it was Edward, people would be freaking out
Sabrina: In all honesty, I think the honking incident is pretty insignificant.  Edward does actually have a right to be angry about what he plans on telling her.
Amber: I don't think's just the truth and Edward is aware of it, he has been all along
Amber: but he knows Bella
Kerry: and I think Edward might be annoyed, but not all that angry
Sabrina: I didn't actually say he was... just that he would have the right to be.
Sabrina: So, anyway, Jacob's tired from watching over Bella constantly, and falls asleep.
Amber: at this point, it's so irritiating that the other members won't at least offer a little trust to the vampires here
Amber: they have a treaty for goodness sakes
Sabrina: ... members of the pack?
Amber: yes
Sabrina: This might be surprising, but I've always thougth the Cullen bias was ridiculous.
Sabrina: The wolves should realize the Cullens aren't really the enemy.
Amber: "Sam's being difficult. He doesn't trust your bluoodsuckers. I've been running double shifts for two weeks and nobody's touched me yet, but he still doesn't buy it. So I'm on my own for now."
Amber: the "vampire I'm allowed to kill" line was a zinger from Jacob
Amber: though he said he was kidding, I think it's pretty close to the truth
Kerry: yeah...though I can grant him that he's sorry he offended her. After all, he's going to plea for her heart tonight...needs to stay on her good side
Amber: true
Amber: so that pretty much brings us up to the plea
Kerry: For all my irritation at Jacob. I do appreciate him laying it out there. He's stating his feelings, so that there's no question.
Sabrina: All I can say, is that he just had to try.  He knows its pointless, but he has to do it.
Kerry: Yep. I have no problem with that
Amber: I totally agree, he had to try
Amber: he had to be sure she knew she had a choice

You all know I'm a staunch Team Edward girl. It's not that I dislike Jacob, I just never believed that he was really an option for Bella, therefore, no need for a Team. His feelings for Bella, however, I know are genuine and believable for him. I do like that he lays out his feelings clearly here. If you got something to say, say it, and be clear about it. You go, Jacob.

Future discussions will be coming from a number of sources. I am going to be taking an extended break from blogging for a while. I'll still be lurking around, but Amber and other guest bloggers will be filling in the rest of the discussion series.

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