Thursday, March 11, 2010

And It's HERE! Finally! The Eclipse Trailer!

Here we go Twi-hards! We've been salivating for months!

No clicky if you're wearing your purity ring. Not much of a shock that Kstew is in the movie.

Eclipseward owns me. Hardcore.


RaShell said...

*signs* Ok, I'll be the bad guy... The Meadow with those bizarre flowers sticking out in very unnatural ways looks just weird! Traveling group of Volturi looks like a bunch of homeless people dressed in rags. Not scary at all, kinda sad, actually. I still don't get why they replaced Rochelle, I thought she was a perfect Victoria. Oh, and how come it all looks like summer? Isn't the whole point of the "sleeping bag scene" that it's freezing cold? Other than that... Everybody looks great. Even Kristen's infamous wig doesn't bother me. I'm hoping they finally got the makeup thing working the way it's supposed to, on all of them, mainly Edward. Can't wait to see the whole movie, but frankly, this trailer was not a "wow" moment for me...

LN Mommy said...

RaShell, yes, it was freezing on top of the mountain, but the book takes place in the summer. You figure, Bella graduates in June, and they get married in August (which is the beginning of BD), so it definitely takes place in the summer.


Sorry for yelling, but I'm so excited!