Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Twi-Theories: An Intervention

This post will contain book spoilers for Eclipse. Go Read.

In last Thursday's Eclipse discussion we covered the part of the story where Edward goes hunting and bribes Alice into kidnapping inviting Bella over for a girls' night sleepover.

We know the real motivation behind this, of course. Edward and Bella have been at some odds over the werewolves since Edward's return to Forks. Edward has stooped to some crazy stunts to prevent Bella from visiting Jacob. Disabling her truck, following her home when she manages to slip away, our dear Edward shows us all he's not so perfect after all.

Don't worry, Edward. We still love you.

Is he worried for her safety? Or, is he simply jealous of the new boy in Bella's life. With the previous chapter discussions and Twi-Theories, I think we've all agreed that it's a little of both. Personally, I think it leans slightly in favor of worrying for her safety, I really don't believe that Edward would take such drastic measures to prevent her from going if it were simply a matter of jealousy. Either way, it doesn't matter. Because he did take those drastic measures. Regardless of the motivations, those actions have an impact on his relationship with Bella. She still loves him, she's standing her ground on Jacob, but the fact that she's sneaking shows that there is an impact.

Then, quite suddenly, Edward changes his stance on Bella going to the reservation. The very same hunting trip that Bella was kidnapped by Alice; Edward comes home to announce that he will trust her judgment and not allow the matter to come between them. Yay, Edward!

How did he reach this decision?

Here's my theory: The previous week, all of the Cullens were going to go hunting, except Alice, who would stay close to home and be able to help Bella if she needed it. This hunting trip was cut short, of course, since Bella escaped to the reservation. When they plan the new trip, it's only the Cullen men that are going.

Why? I think they had themselves a little intervention.

Jasper and Alice are the most 'newlywed' of the Cullens. And that's still nearly 60 years, Emmett and Rosalie have 15 or so years on them, and Carlisle and Esme another 10ish. Despite what men say about understanding women, I think it's safe to say that the three married Cullen men have figured out a thing or two about maintaining a good relationship with their mate. Being of the generations they are, this was man's business. The business of teaching the younger son/brother/friend how to be a man. It would not have been done in the company of their women, nor spoken about afterward. 

I can very easily see the three of them sitting down with Edward following a thrilling hunt and offering some advice on the matter. That yes, he can't watch over her on the rez, and there's always a danger of Jacob or any of them phasing at the wrong moment, but that, ultimately, what he is doing is driving a wedge between them. It's small now, because they are still newly reunited, but it will get worse. Irritation will turn into resentment. Intimacy becomes withdrawal. They could probably each show him a moment in their minds when they dealt with something with their wives.

Also, Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper have seen the wolves in action to a point. They can probably vouch for their ability to protect Bella from Victoria while she's on the reservation.  Even Edward, in his over-reacting, stubborn ways, recognizes the wisdom that the others bring. Even Emmett. If you read Midnight Sun, you might remember the conversation between Emmett and Edward on their trip to Goat Rocks.

Combine that with Bella's angry voicemail and Edward has some perspective. He comes home and learns of Bella's "escape" from Alice, and the point is driven home. Even more so, because he can see how reckless she could become in her attempts to maintain her friendship.

I'm sure it did nothing to take away from the fear and the jealousy. He did have a better grasp on how to deal with the emotions though. I would say, it allowed him to deal with his jealousy even better. Now he could see how the dynamic between Bella and Jacob worked. He had a much clearer head for coping.

What do you think? An intervention? Beat down?  Or something else?

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PokerStarlight said...

What a great post. This is something I really never thought about before (your point). I think it makes absolute sense. While I don't doubt Edward was jealous, he still wants Bella to be happy more than anything in the world. So, I really believe that fear for her safety is what really caused him to overreact.

I love your point; I think you're dead-on.