Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Not-So-Random: More Delicious Details

We've gotten a peek at the cover and some of the pages for Rob Pattinson's Details magazine photoshoot. For those unfamiliar with the way Details does business. Their photographs tend to run to the erotic/suggestive (however very artsy). I'm posting the cover, but the rest are not appropriate for our PG-13 rule here. You can see the rest at Thinking of Rob, but please be warned that many of the images are not appropriate for work or for young children.

**Updated** -Details has now posted Rob's interview, a photo slideshow and a very, VERY steamy video from the shoot. As Kerry said about the earlier pics, these are not appropriate for children or work. There will be more photos posted on their site next week.

As for the interview, it's definitely not your usual Rob fair, as these pics certainly aren't. Personally, I think it's really a step in the right direction. While there are a lot of people out there who would like to think of Rob as Edward, he is not. Edward is eternally 17, a boy. Rob is a grown man, with a career ahead of him that has the potential to be absolutely legendary if he plays his cards right. Are there things in this magazine that aren't appropriate for his younger fans? Absolutely, but as a parent myself I have to say, I'm okay with that. Because he is a grown man, not a teenager. I think this is also a good step for Twilight fans because it gives us a chance to demonstrate that some of us are grown ups too.


roxy said...

OMG! I was horriies when i clicked on the link 2 see the other photo's! i saw one in the news paper today and i was horrified! i mean this man is my little sisters hero! she should not have to see this!

Alisha said...

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Pinkpixiechick said...


IMHO, Rob is a grown man. And this is a very artistic shoot. No, your little sister should probably not see this, but that's what parents and big sisters are for. Help her find the articles and photo shoots that are appropriate for someone her age.

Rob is not only tied to Twilight. We applaud his efforts to branch out and fearlessly try new things.


We will take a look at get back to you, okay? Congrats on your blog and thanks for being a part of ours!