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Eclipse Book Discussion - Chapter 9: Target

This post will contain book spoilers through chapter 9 of Eclipse. Go Read.

Now that we've calmed our quivering lady parts from the Leg Hitch, it's time to move on to chapter 9. Don't worry. It's totally normal that you went back and reread the last chapter, by the way.

The chapter opens with Alice bringing Bella home; keeping up the 'slumber party' charade. Get used to it Bella, it's all about charades from now on. She even has new clothes! Sneaky Alice! "It's all part of the charade, Bella!" *innocent face*

Jacob has called while Bella is away. You know how much I love Charlie, but he goes a little overboard here with the Jacob cheerleading. He's not happy with Edward, and I can't really blame him. The blatant championing of Jacob cracks me up though. We get, through the message Charlie took, that Jacob is upset over their fight, and wants to talk to Bella again. Jacob still is a sweet kid, even with his new werewolfy angst, so of course he's upset that he hurt Bella's feelings.

Then there's the ominous clue. Bella is doing laundry and notices a few pieces of her wardrobe AND her pillow are missing. See, Alice? There's a good reason for Bella's limited wardrobe! She might not have noticed otherwise.

Or at least not until Edward shows up. She's greeted by a very hawt anxious looking Edward who has caught the scent of a strange vampire around Bella's house. He promptly dashes up the stairs. Oh, the benefits of a boyfriend that can get by the Dad without notice! My high school boyfriend hadn't figured that trick out, that's for sure.

I love how Charlie assumes they're fighting and is all happy about it. Oh Charlie, if you only knew. You could be a little more subtle, maybe..

Bella and Edward return to the Cullen house, needing to speak to Alice regarding the new development. Edward is a little freaked out and takes it out on his sister a bit. Luckily, Alice is not impressed by this. And Bella tells him to chill out. It's a great scene though, as it really demonstrates how dependent they are on Alice's visions. And it's great that, even without the interference from the wolves, that it's not entirely perfect. That there are ways around it. It's a distinct advantage, but infallibility can be boring.

They try to surmise who it could be. It was a strange scent, so no one they've met before. A minion of Caius or Jane seems to be the most logical answer. It's possible it's a random stranger, intrigued by the presence of vampire scent at her house, but that's dismissed as unlikely. Jasper and Emmett follow the trail and confirm that the strange vampire is long gone.

Bella seizes the moment to plead for an immediate change. The Cullen's are united in their belief that it is not the time. I find this somewhat interesting. I have to wonder if this support is for Edward's benefit. There would be a distinct advantage in changing Bella now, strategically. The same benefit that would have been helpful all along. She would no longer be vulnerable to Victoria or the Volturi. Just as the old vampire that changed Alice did it to prevent James from killing her; this would have the same effect. But, the Cullens play by another set of rules, and considering Charlie's feelings is also a viable argument.

This brings us to what I believe is the most significant portion of the chapter. The next day, Bella informs Edward that she is going to call Jacob and forgive him for his comments. No one is surprised, it's not in Bella's nature to hold grudges. "Many talents" Edward says. Rawr. I digress...

Edward still seems resolved in his new attitude towards Jacob, which gives us all some hope. This is doubled when Edward actually requests to speak with Jacob directly. We finally get a glimpse of what can happen when Edward and Jacob work together. They do have a common goal, after all, to protect Bella. They may not outwardly admit what they have in common yet, but it does show that they can set aside their differences just enough to protect what they love. And if Edward wanted to prove to Bella that he meant what he said the previous night, he certainly has achieved it now. Kudos, also, to Jacob, for stepping up to the grown up plate and being mature enough to work on this.

We close as Jacob prepares to come to Bella's house to catch a whiff of the new scent himself. The groundwork of an alliance is laid

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Desiree said...

You brought up the interesting point re: the boys go hunting and Eddie comes back changed/thinking differently about the Bella visits to La Push. I never thought about the possibilities of a "Man" discussion like in Midnight sun..... but yes it may have had something to do with it.
And how she begs them to change her. Yeah, I absolutely think it has alot to do w/Edward, their lifestyle, and not to mention she IS the Cheif's daughter..
Can't wait till next week & to your discussions!

Welcome Back Sabrina! Hope all is well.