Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie News Monday

Are you DYING for Eclipse updates???  We actually have a few! Not many, but a few bits of deliciousness we can soak up while we wait for a trailer.

A few non-spoiler items for those going spoiler free:

1. Burger King will follow up their New Moon promotion with an Eclipse promotion close to movie time. From Amanda Bell at Twilight Examiner:
According to Advertising Age, the company has signed on to promote itself through Eclipse, "for what is now being called the 'female superfan.'"
If yesterday's story about the Twilight fan effect upon the Volvo car industry is any indication, they may just be onto something.
Apparently, BK's Eclipse plans have something to do with "a gaming promotion."

2. David Slade says Eclipse: Now with more Edward!

Woot!  I think the man knows the fans!

Spoiler Alert ahead. Stop here if you don't want to see Eclipse stills.

Similar to what we saw before, we have two more stills from the meadow.


I think the meadow is gorgeous! And, the flowers are really pretty, too!

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I love the meadow scene! it lokks so cute! please go on my blog!