Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robert Pattinson in Talks for "Water for Elephants"

Okay Rob fans, we have a lot to look forward to in the next couple years. In March we'll get Rob in Remember Me, and June will bring us Rob as Edward again in Eclipse. Consider those warm-ups, because we're going to get dazzled by a lot of Rob (literally and figuratively) in Bel Ami, Unbound Captives and Breaking Dawn. Cue swooning.

Today it was announced that Rob is currently in talks for a movie called "Water for Elephants". This is an adaptation of the novel by Sara Gruen. The story is a romantic drama/love triangle set in the 1930s.

Pattinson is in talks to play Jacob, (*snicker*) a 21 year old who joins a second-rate traveling circus after he’s traumatized by the car crash death of both parents. He left just before he was to take his veterinary medicine exams at an Ivy League school, and finds his place in the circus by caring for the menagerie of mangy animals. He falls in love with Marlena, the show’s star performer (Witherspoon), and that's courting danger since she's married to the paranoid schizophrenic animal trainer who runs the show. That is the role that Penn is circling. Deals still have to be made, and putting three pricey stars in a period adult drama is a challenging proposition.

I'm very excited about this prospect. Not only is it a great story, getting to work with two Oscar winners is an amazing opportunity for Rob. Also, I have been dying to see him in 1930s costume since the Twilight flashbacks!

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Just say no Rob.