Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie News Monday - Composers, Trailers and..Not..

It is Monday, still, at least at my desk.

With New Moon slowly trickling it's way out of theaters, fans are starting to get anxious for news from the Eclipse front. We were spoiled a bit by New Moon. We got an early trailer within weeks of filming, not to mention the parade of stills and clips. Be patient everyone, Eclipse is still nearly 5 full months away.

There have been a few bits of news, though. The biggest is the announcement of Howard Shore as the composer. If the name doesn't ring a bell (no pun intended), some of his previous work might. Howard Shore composed the music for all three Lord of the Rings movies, as well as The Aviator, The Departed, and The History of Violence. That's some big music for a big movie. A perfect choice!

Both David Slade and Summit's Twilight twitter account have been saying that the first trailer for Eclipse is not yet ready. The matter is out of David's hands, and @Twilight confirms that they are working on it as quickly as possibly. Remember, there is even MORE CGI and other technical aspects to Eclipse than there was to New Moon. More wolves, more complicated fight scenes, and it's building on what they gave us in New Moon. I'm sure we'll have one soon!

Oh, and for Movie News That Isn't? This is NOT movie news:

Fan Made people, no matter what those sites are telling you. Not that it isn't gorgeous. It's just not official.

*Note from Amber - You're going to start seeing some changes in the format of the blog. Each day will now have a special theme, or feature. Keep an eye out this week to be introduced to them all. We'll also be asking for some fan submissions soon and we have something up our sleeves with the book discussion as well.

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