Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eclipse - Fan Fiction Feature

Instead of posting a teaser for the chapter we'll be discussing this week, I'm featuring one of my favorite pieces of fan fiction. I certainly love the stories that create a different world for Bella and Edward, like Some Life In Me, currently being written by our own Kerry. (I highly recommend you check this one out.) My favorites though are the stories that fill in the blanks. The ones that give us a scene we missed in the original books because they were all from Bella's (or Jacob's) point of view.

So today I bring you a missing scene from Chapter 6 of Eclipse written by the very talented tara sue me. Here is an excerpt from Edward and the Bed.
But my brothers stood before me grinning like two idiots. Nope. They’d never leave me alone; the truth it was.
I rolled my eyes. “When we go hunting next weekend, I’m going to have Bella stay with Alice and Rosalie. I thought she might appreciate a bed to sleep on instead of the couch.” I waved towards the leather couch by the window.
Jasper crossed his arms. “Right. You expect us to believe you’re going to leave Bella here with Alice and Rosalie?”
I shrugged. “Better than her running down to La Push and hanging out with the dogs.”
You can read the rest of the one-shot here. It's rated M for subject matter, but it's not beyond PG-13 at all. Obviously Edward's brothers suspect a different motive for his purchase. I laugh every time I read this. I love it. Let me know what you think!  

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